Binary Clock (with Blue LEDs)

Binary clocks commonly display the time in a BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) format. This clock is no exception!
The LEDs are in groups, the columns (left to right) represent HH:MM:SS, the rows (top to bottom) 1,2,4,8.

Aside from the real time clock (RTC) backup option and DCF77 support, the thing that really sets this clock apart from the other designs out there, is the display animation. The clock can display the time in any of the following user selectable animation modes:

  1. soft fading of leds
  2. scrolling from left to right
  3. scrolling from right to right
  4. scrolling from bottom to top
  5. scrolling from top to bottom
  6. scrolling in various directions
  7. pseudo random shuffle

Someday I'll hopefully getting around to filming some examples, but until then just believe me - the animations look fantastic. Kit details from Frank.

The finished project, mounted inside a box frame (lots of good things are created in the kitchen!). Gosh, I look pleased with myself!

Finished Binary Clock

Click on a picture to open it in a Popup window.


The board measures roughly 66mm x 88mm, and is easy to mount. The round LED lens tops have been sanded off with relativly coarse paper (120) to diffuse the light more. The capacitor (front) has been mounted on its side to keep the overall height down. Note the RTC option, and DCF77 receiver. The antenna has been mounted with a cable tie.

Additional files: