Mike's PBX Cookbook

Mitel Voice Mail

The prices listed are only an indication, and are not accurate.



9150-202-072-NAMitel Mail System - 10 Hour/4 Ports/LS$3,661.50
9150-202-073-NAMitel Mail Lite to Mitel Mail Upgrade$2,169.78
9150-261-072-NAMitel Mail Lite - 6.1 English, 4 Port, 10 Hour$3,661.50
9150-802-021-NAMitel Mail System 6.1 - 90 hours/4Ports/LS$5,644.64
9150-802-022-NAMitel Mail System 6.1 - 90 hours/8Ports/LS$7,468.95
9150-802-023-NAMitel Mail System 6.1 - 90 hours/12Ports/LS$9,293.26
9150-802-024-NAMitel Mail System 6.1 - 90 hours/16Ports/LS$11,173.38
9150-802-025-NAMitel Mail System 6.1 - 90 hours/20Ports/LS$13,001.98
9150-802-026-NAMitel Mail System 6.1 - 90 hours/24Ports/LS$14,993.70
9150-802-027-NAMitel Mail System 6.1 - 90 hours/28Ports/LS$17,169.14
9150-802-028-NAMitel Mail System 6.1 - 90 hours/32Ports/LS$18,886.14
9150-802-051-NAMitel Mail System 6.1 - 90 hours/4Ports/E&M$6,983.90
9150-802-052-NAMitel Mail System 6.1 - 90 hours/8Ports/E&M$9,031.42
9150-802-053-NAMitel Mail System 6.1 - 90 hours/12Ports/E&M$11,018.85
9150-802-054-NAMitel Mail System 6.1 - 90 hours/16Ports/E&M$13,199.44
9150-802-055-NAMitel Mail System 6.1 - 90 hours/20Ports/E&M$15,246.96
9150-802-056-NAMitel Mail System 6.1 - 90 hours/24Ports/E&M$17,491.94
9150-802-057-NAMitel Mail System 6.1 - 90 hours/28Ports/E&M$18,886.14
9150-802-058-NAMitel Mail System 6.1 - 90 hours/32Ports/E&M$19,530.88
9150-802-063-NAMitel Mail System 6.1 - 90 hours/24Ports/T1$16,976.84
9150-802-070-NAMitel Mail DNIC Power Package - 8 Port, 90 Hour - SX-200
9109-012-001-NA SX-200 DNIC Card (Qty 1)
9150-802-071-NAMM Redundancy Kit - New System$1,699.83
9150-802-072-NAMitel Mail DNIC Power Package - 8 Port, 210 Hour - SX-2000
MC330AB SX-2000 DNIC Card (Qty 1)
9150-802-073-NAMitel Mail DNIC Power Package - 8 Port, 90 Hour - SX-2000
MC330AB SX-2000 DNIC card (Qty 1)
9150-802-074-NAMitel Mail DNIC Power Package - 16 Port,210 Hour - SX-200
9109-012-001-NA SX-200 DNIC Card (Qty 2)
9150-802-075-NAMitel Mail DNIC Power Package - 16 Port, 90 Hours - SX-200
9109-012-001-NA SX-200 DNIC card (Qty 2)
9150-802-076-NAMitel Mail DNIC Power Package - 16 port, 210 hour, - SX-2000
MC330AB SX-2000 DNIC Card (Qty 1)
9150-802-077-NAMitel Mail DNIC Power Package - 16 Ports, 90 hours - SX-2000
MC330AB SX-2000 DNIC Card (Qty 1)
9150-802-078-NAMitel Mail DNIC Power Package - 24 Port, 210 hours - SX-200
9109-012-001-NA SX-200 DNIC card (Qty 2)
9150-802-079-NAMitel Mail DNIC Power Package - 24 Port, 90 hour, - SX-200
9109-012-001-NA SX-200 DNIC Card (Qty 2)
9150-802-080-NAMitel Mail DNIC Power Package - 24 port, 210 hours - SX-2000
MC330AB SX-2000 DNIC Card (Qty 2)
9150-802-081-NAMitel Mail DNIC Power Package - 24 port, 90 hour - SX-2000
MC330AB SX-2000 DNIC Card (Qty 2)
9150-802-082-NAMitel Mail DNIC Power Package - 32 Port, 210 hours - SX200
9109-012-001-NA SX-200 DNIC card (Qty 3)
9150-802-083-NAMitel Mail DNIC Power Package - 32 Ports, 90 hours - SX-200
9109-012-001-NA SX-200 DNIC Card (Qty 3)
9150-802-084-NAMitel Mail DNIC Power Package - 32 Port, 210 hours, SX-2000
MC330AB SX-2000 DNIC Card (Qty 2)
9150-802-085-NAMitel Mail DNIC Power Package - 32 Port, 90 Hours, - SX-2000
MC330AB SX-2000 DNIC Card (Qty 2)
9150-802-086-NAMitel Mail DNIC Power Package - 8 Port, 210 Hour - SX-200
9109-012-001-NA SX-200 DNIC Card (Qty 1)
MITEL MAIL Cards and S/W Options
9150-420-011-NA10-55 Hours Message Storage Upgrade$6,307.40
9150-420-012-NA30-55 Hours Message Storage Upgrade$3,503.59
9150-420-101-NAENGLISH GENERIC Hotel Prompts
Note: English Generic Hotel prompts are N/C when ordered with a system.
9150-420-150-NAENCORE PMS Integration$281.79
9150-420-151-NAEECO PMS Integration$281.79
9150-420-152-NALOGISTIX PMS Integration$281.79
9150-420-153-NAHIS PMS Integration$281.79
9150-420-300-NAAMIS Analog VM System Networking$1,216.39
9150-420-301-NAMESA-NET (Asynch) with 2 Links
(requires a CTI card and modem for each end)
9150-420-303-NACut-through Paging$1,413.65
9150-420-305-NAMESA-NET (TCP/IP)
(requires an Ethernet card and TCP/IP software)
9150-420-308-NAMESA-NET - 2 to 4 Links Upgrade$1,263.36
9150-420-401-NACall Agent Mitel Mail$1,296.23
9150-420-402-NATDD Memo$1,676.65
9150-420-406-NAEnhanced In-band Integration
(used for Norstar, Mitel Sx-200 and SX-2000)
9150-420-450-NANUMERIC Prompts$281.79
9150-420-451-NANUMERIC Overlay Prompts$281.79
9150-420-503-NASMDI (Centrex DMS)
(used for NEC 2000/2400 and Ericsson MD110)
9150-420-504-NANT SL-1/MERIDIEN PBX Integration$314.67
9150-420-507-NACall Detail Recording$8,984.40
9150-420-509-NAToll Saver (various languages)$944.00
9150-420-510-NAEnhanced SMDI$6,913.25
9150-420-601-NAOneView Desktop Messaging Kit with 25 Clients$2,287.20
9150-420-602-NAOneView Desktop Messaging Kit with 100 Clients$4,668.32
9150-420-603-NA25 Additional OneView Client Licences - Local Licences$1,263.36
9150-420-604-NA100 Additional OneView Client Licences - Local Licences$3,771.29
9150-420-605-NA6 to 8 OneView Network Sessions Upgrade$629.33
9150-420-606-NA8 to 10 OneView Network Sessions Upgrade$629.33
9150-420-607-NA5 Additional OneView Remote Client Licences$469.65
9150-420-608-NA25 Additional OneView Remote Client Licences$1,761.19
9150-420-609-NA100 Additional OneView Remote Client Licences$5,278.87
9150-430-101-NAMM 6.1 English Hotel Prompts$510.81
9150-430-130-NAMM Powerpoints Server$857.64
9150-430-131-NAMM Powerpoints GUI Clinet - WI$4,291.64
9150-430-150-NAMM 6.1 PMS: STD Encore$213.77
9150-430-151-NAMM 6.1 PMS: EECO$213.77
9150-430-152-NAMM 6.1 PMS: LOGISTIX$213.77
9150-430-153-NAMM 6.1 PMS: HIS$213.77
9150-430-300-NAMM 6.1 AMIS$1,111.76
9150-430-301-NAMM 6.1 MESA - NET - ASYNC$1,197.61
9150-430-303-NAMM 6.1 Cut Through Paging$1,292.04
9150-430-304-NAMM 6.1 MESAFORM$1,721.29
9150-430-305-NAMM 6.1 MESA_NET (TCP/IP)$1,721.29
9150-430-309-NAMM 6.1 MESA-NET TCP/IP 2-4 Upgrade 6.1$849.06
9150-430-310-NAMM 6.1 MESA-NET TCP/IP 4-6 Upgrade 6.1$849.06
9150-430-311-NAMM 6.1 MESA-NET TCP/IP 6-8 Upgrade 6.1$849.06
9150-430-401-NAMM 6.1 CALL AGENT - North American English$857.64
9150-430-406-NAMM 6.1 Enhanced In-Band Signaling$257.55
9150-430-450-NAMM 6.1 Numeric Prompts$257.55
9150-430-451-NAMM 6.1 Numeric Overlay Prompts$257.55
9150-430-503-NAMM 6.1 SMDI$287.60
9150-430-504-NAMM 6.1 Meridian Integration$287.60
9150-430-507-NAMM 6.1 Call Detail Recording$8,211.55
9150-430-509-NAMM 6.1 Toll Saver$862.79
9150-430-510-NAMM 6.1 Enhanced SMDI$6,318.56
9150-430-511-NAMM 6.1 TCP/IP$673.92
9150-430-601-NAMM 6.1 Oneview Kit for 25$1,458.59
9150-430-602-NAMM 6.1 One View Kit for 100$2,918.04
9150-430-603-NAMM 6.1 One View 25 Clients$1,154.68
9150-430-604-NAMM 6.1 One View 100 Clients$3,446.88
9150-430-605-NAMM 6.1 One View 6-8 Sessions Upgrade$575.20
9150-430-606-NAMM 6.1 One View 8-10 Sessions Upgrade$575.20
9150-430-607-NAMM 6.1 One View Remote Clients$429.25
9150-430-608-NAMM 6.1 One View 25 Remote Clients$1,609.69
9150-430-609-NAMM 6.1 One View 100 Remote Clients$4,824.77
9150-430-700-NAMM Superset Softkeys Software for SX200 Ml/EL
Note: This option only available on DNIC Mitel Mail for the SX200
SX200 ML/EL Lightware 17 Release 3.1 or later is required
9150-430-710-NAMM Boonerang S/W$1,158.98
9150-430-720-NAMM Enhanced Auto Wake-Up$279.01
9150-430-730-NAMM One Net Admin API for WIN$1,243.97
9150-430-731-NAMM One Net ADMIN GUI Client$428.39
9150-430-732-NAMM One Net Admin Server S/W$428.39
9150-430-733-NAOne Net Bundled Package - Include SNMP, Admin, Config$2,746.34
9150-430-734-NAMM One Net Config Clinet SW$428.39
9150-430-735-NAMM One Net MIB S/W$256.69
9150-430-736-NAMM One Net SNMP Server S/W$2,145.39
9150-430-750-NAMM Upgrade from 6.0X to 6.1$854.21
9150-430-751-NAMM Drive Conversion Kit$299.62
9150-430-752-NAMM Spare Drive - 90 hours$857.64
9150-702-071-NAMitel Mail Redundancy Kit includes:
Redundancy SoftwareRedundant Hard Drive (M155)
9150-702-101-NA4 Port Line (MVIP) Card/LS$2,360.88
9150-702-102-NA8 Port Line (MVIP) Card/LS$5,580.25
9150-702-103-NA4 Port Line (MVIP) Card/E&M$3,863.25
9150-702-104-NA8 Port Line (MVIP) Card/E&M$6,752.10
9150-702-107-NA24 Port T1 (MVIP) Card Set$17,912.60
9150-702-110-NA24 Port DSP Resource (MVIP) Card$9,649.54
9150-702-111-NADual Port T1 (MVIP) Card$10,130.30
9150-702-112-NA2 Port FAX (MVIP) Card$2,832.19
9150-702-113-NA4 Port FAX (MVIP) Card$6,133.98
9150-702-114-NA8 Port FAX (MVIP) Card$12,263.67
9150-702-118-NA2 Port CTI (MVIP) Card$616.40
9150-702-119-NA4 Port CTI (MVIP) Card$871.38
9150-702-120-NA8 Port CTI (MVIP) Card$1,227.66
9150-702-121-NAEthernet NIC Card
(required for optional MESA-Net [TCP/IP] & One View Software)
9150-702-131-NA4 to 8 Port Line Card Upgrade/LS$2,760.08
9150-702-132-NA4 to 8 Port Line Card Upgrade/E&M$3,099.19
9150-702-135-NAMM 6.1B 8PT DSE LINECARD - DNI$3,305.23
9150-702-136-NAMM 6.1B 8PT DSP CARD - DNIC$3,476.07
9150-702-137-NA24 Port DSP DNIC Card$8,841.69
9150-702-144-NAMitel Mail Chassis$3,923.35
9150-702-145-NAPower/Configuration Card$364.86
9150-702-146-NATel. Power Supply$532.27
9150-702-147-NAKit (includes Power/Configuration Card and PS)$364.86
9150-702-152-NARJ61 to RJ11 Adaptor Cable$279.01
9150-702-154-NAMemory Exp. - 16 Meg SIMM
NOTE: OneView requires an Ethernet card and TCP/IP software
Unified Messaging
9164-100-010-NA8 Port Unified Messaging Package - SX2000-TS800$9,615.20
9164-100-011-NA8 Port Unified Messaging Package - SX2000-TS800S$11,160.50
9164-100-014-NA12 Port Unified Messaging Package - SX2000-TS800$13,478.45
9164-100-015-NA12 Port Unified Messaging Package - SX2000-TS800S$14,336.95
9164-100-018-NA16 Port Unified Messaging Package - SX2000-TS800$16,053.95
9164-100-019-NA16 Port Unified Messaging Package - SX2000-TS800S$16,912.45
9164-001-001-NA8 Port Text to Speech software$1,690.74
9164-001-003-NA2 Port FAX card$1,373.60
9164-001-004-NA4 Port FAX card$2,489.65
9164-001-005-NA8 Port FAX card$4,550.05
9164-001-020-NA4 Port Voice software upgrade$3,381.48
9164-001-021-NA8 Port Voice software upgrade$6,105.45
9164-001-022-NA12 Port Voice software upgrade$8,829.42
9164-001-023-NA16 Port Voice software upgrade$11,553.39
9164-002-020-NA2 Port fax software$1,315.02
9164-002-021-NA4 Port fax software$2,348.25
9164-002-022-NA8 Port fax software$4,790.43
9164-003-002-NA25 Pack Unified Messaging Seats$1,596.81
9164-003-003-NA50 Pack Unified Messaging Seats$2,817.90
9164-003-004-NA 100 Pack Unified Messaging Seats$4,696.50
9164-003-005-NA200 Pack Unified Messaging Seats$8,453.70
9164-003-006-NA400 Pack Unified Messaging Seats$15,028.80
9164-004-001-NA2 Port Text to Speech software$1,502.88
9164-004-002-NA4 Port Text to Speech software$2,911.83
9164-005-001-NAWeb browser access server$1,201.90
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