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Mitel North American Tech Support

Mitel, August 21, 2000

Important NOTICE regarding changes to TSN Program.

Please be advised that effective November 1, 2000 the Mitel North American Technical Support Center will no longer accept technical support calls on the following manufacture discontinued products.

Super 10
Panther & Panther II
Trillium Talkto
SX-50 MS51
SX-50 MS52
SX-50 MS53
SX-50 MS54
VX Voice Mail
SX-200 Digital Generic 1000
SX-200 Digital Generic 1001
SX-200 Digital Generic 1002
SX-200 Digital Generic 1003
SX-200 Digital Generic 1004
SX-2000 Release MS2002
SX-2000 Release MS2003
SX-2000 Release MS2004
SX-2000 Release MS2005
ISDN Node Release 2
APRS ACD Reporting Package
TRS ACD Reporting Package
Call Center Manager

All these products have been manufacture discontinued for a number of years. Mitel will continue to provide authorized distributors with access to the technical support bulletins for these products as they exist today via Mitel Online.

Upgrade programs are available to upgrade some of these products to current revisions and we (Mitel) strongly encourage distributors to avail themselves of these programs to provide their customers with the latest feature offerings and to ensure ongoing design and technical support.

We (Mitel) are making these changes to our TSN Program to focus Mitel technical support resources on our current products to ensure the highest level of technical support for our distributors on our current product portfolio.

For full details on the TSN Program, consult the 'Mitel Technical Support Network - Program Guide' available under the Tech Support - Program Information section of Mitel Online.

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