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SX-2000 CDE Form Abbreviations

This table provides the minimum abbreviation that is acceptable to the system for each CDE form.


Form Name

Accepted CDE Abbreviation

1 Form Access Authorization FO A
2 Cabinet Assignment CA A
3 System Configuration SY C
4 System Options Assignment SY O
5 Message Link Cable Assignment ME L
6 Circuit Link Cable Assignment CI L
7 Node Identity Assignment NO
8 Class of Service Options Assignment CL O S
9 Interconnect Restriction Table INTERCO
10 DNI Circuit Assignment DN
11 Digital CO Trunk Circuit Descriptor Assignment DIGITA C
12 Digital DID Trunk Circuit Descriptor Assignment DIGITA D
13 Digital E AND M Trunk Circuit Descriptor Assignment DIGITA E
14 Loop Tie Trunk Circuit Descriptor Assignment LOO
15 DID Trunk Circuit Descriptor Assignment DID
16 DID3 Trunk Circuit Descriptor Assignment DID3
17 E AND M Trunk Circuit Descriptor Assignment E
18 CO Trunk Circuit Descriptor Assignment CO
19 AC15 Trunk Circuit Descriptor Assignment AC15
20 MSDN/DPNSS/DASSII Trunk Circuit Descriptor Assignment MSD T
21 DTS Service Assignment DTS
22 Digital Link Assignment DIGITA L
23 Link Descriptor Assignment LI
24 Trunk Assignment TRU A
25 ONS OPS Circuit Descriptor Assignment O O C
26 Single Line Set Assignment SI
27 Attendant Assignment AT A
28 Multiline Set Assignment MU S A
29 Multiline Set Key Assignment MU S K
30 Multiline Set Group Assignment MU S G
31 Attendant Softkey Assignment AT S
32 Dataset Circuit Descriptor Assignment DAT C
33 Dataset Assignment DAT A
34 Dataset Hunt Group Assignment DAT H
35 Dataset Location Assignment DAT L
36 Network Synchronization NE
37 Modem Element Assignment MOD E A
38 Model Element Hunt Group Assignment MOD E H
39 Station Service Assignment ST
40 System Speed Call Assignment SY A
41 Miscellaneous Assignment MI
42 MSAN-APNSS Group Assignment MSAN G
43 Trunk Group Assignment TRU G
44 Hunt Group Assignment HU
45 Pickup Group Assignment PI
46 System Account Code Definition SY
47 Digit Modification Assignment DIGIT
48 Class of Restriction Group Assignment CL O R
49 Route Assignment R A
50 Route List Assignment R L
51 Route Plan Assignment R P
52 Automatic Route Selection Assignment AR
53 Department Assignment DEP
54 Location Assignment LOC
55 Telephone Directory TE
56 Personal Speed Call Assignment PE S C A
57 Personal Speed Call Directory PE S C D
58 Feature Access Code Assignment FE
59 User Authorization Profile U
60 Call Progress Tone Detection Plan Assignment CAL P
61 Call Rerouting Assignment CAL R AS
62 Call Rerouting First Alternative Assignment CAL R F
63 Call Rerouting Second Alternative Assignment CAL R S
64 Call Rerouting Always Alternative Assignment CAL R AL
65 DTE Terminal Profile Assignment DTE T
66 Intercept Handling Assignment INTERCE
67 SMDR Options Assignment SM
68 DTE Session Profile Assignment DTE S
69 HCI Session Profile Assignment HC
70 Application Profile Assignment AP P
71 Default Account Code Definition DEF
72 Independent Account Code Assignment IND
73 Day and Time Zone Assignment DAY
74 Associated Directory Number Assignment AS
75 Multiline Set Status Message Assignment MU S S
76 Loudspeaker Paging Assignment LOU
77 Trunk Service Assignment TRU S
78 Hotel Options Assignment HO
79 Maximum Dialed Digits MA
80 Traffic Options Assignment TRA
81 System Port Assignment SY P
82 Application Logical Port Assignment AP L
83 Agent Group Assignment AG GR
84 Agent ID Assignment AG ID
85 Dimension and Feature Display DIMENSION AND FEATURE DISPLAY
86 Dimension and Feature Selection DIMENSION AND FEATURE SELECTION
87 Dimension Selection DIMENSION SELECTION
88 Path Assignment PATH
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