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SX-2000® Lightware 26 (MS2006)

Technical Service Bulletin

This Technical Service Bulletin is intended for Customer Service and Installation Personnel involved in the service of the MITEL® SX-2000 Integrated Communications Systems (ICS) running Lightware 26 (MS2006) software. This bulletin describes the necessity of changing the System level password on M-stream software.



A recent broadcast on the Internet has provided the System level password for the SX-2000 Lightware 26 (MS2006) software loads.



To prevent the possibility of fraudulent use, Mitel is advising all dealers with sites using Lightware 26 software to change the System level password and document the password accordingly. Mitel will assume no responsibility for any password that has been misplaced or forgotten.

To change the System level password, log into the maintenance terminal as username "System" and password "WOHCKUML". In the Maintenance Menu, use the maintenance command "Reset Password System" and enter the new password.

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