Mike's PBX Cookbook

Mitel Peripherals

The prices listed are only an indication, they are not accurate.

Part Number


Net Price

9132-025-102-NASuperset 4025 Light Grey Backlit$206.65
9132-025-202-NASuperset 4025 Dark Grey Backlit$206.65
9132-150-102-NASuperset 4150 Light Grey Backlit$309.97
9132-150-202-NASuperset 4150 Dark Grey Backlit$309.97
9132-150-302-NASuperset 4150 Light Grey Backlit with TAPI$403.90
9132-150-402-NASuperset 4150 Dark Grey Backlit with TAPI$403.90
9141-110-200-NADataset 1102$234.83
9141-110-300-NADataset 1103$187.86
9141-210-200-NADataset 2102$234.83
9141-210-300-NADataset 2103$234.83
9141-220-300-NADataset 2203$469.65
9180-EXT-000-NACOV Loop Extender$751.44
9180-300-001-NAXpressOffice Teleworker DNIC Unit$1,127.16
9180-300-002-NAXpressOffice Teleworker DNIC/POTs Unit$1,221.09
9180-300-003-NAXpressOffice Teleworker DNIC/Hub Unit$1,221.09
9180-300-004-NAXpressOffice Teleworker DNIC/DNIC Package$2,207.36
9180-300-005-NAXpressOffice Teleworker DNIC Package with POTS Option$2,301.29
9180-300-006-NAXpressOffice Teleworker Call Center Agent Package$2,348.25
9180-300-007-NAXpressOffice Teleworker POTS Upgrade Module$140.90
9180-300-008-NAXpressOffice Teleworker HUB Upgrade Module$93.93
9115-000-000-NASuperset 420 (Light Grey)$187.86
9115-502-000-NASuperset 420 (Dark Grey)$187.86
9115-000-900-NASuperset 420 TSG$369.01
9115-200-001-NASuperset 420 Spare Stand (Light Grey) (Qty 10)$56.36
9115-200-002-NASuperset 420 Spare Stand (Dark Grey) (Qty 10)$56.36
9114-000-000-NASuperset 410 (Light Grey)$131.50
9114-502-000-NASuperset 410 (Dark Grey)$131.50
9114-000-900-NASuperset 410 TSG$222.67
9113-200-001-NASuperset 401+ Spare Stand (Light Grey) (Qty 10)$56.36
9113-200-002-NASuperset 401+ Spare Stand (Dark Grey) (Qty 10)$56.36
9132-000-201-NASuperset TAPI Kit$93.93
9132-001-100-NASuperset 4001 - Light Gray$140.90
9132-001-106-NASuperset 4001 - (6) Pack Light Gray$403.90
9132-001-200-NASuperset 4001 - Dark Gray$140.90
9132-001-206-NASuperset 4001 - (6) Pack Dark Gray$403.90
9132-015-100-NASuperset 4015 - Light Gray$131.50
9132-015-200-NASuperset 4015 - Dark Gray$131.50
9132-025-100-NASuperset 4025 - Light Gray$187.86
9132-025-200-NASuperset 4025 - Dark Gray$187.86
9132-090-000-NASuperset 4090 Cordless Black
Note: SX200 only/Min SW LW 17 Rls 3.1
9132-090-801-NASuperset 4090 A/C Adapter for Charger
Note: Use only with the Superset 4090 charger; do not use with the Superset 4090 Base unit
9132-090-802-NASuperset 4090 Belt Clip (Qty 5)$70.45
9132-090-803-NASuperset 4090 Headset
Note: For use with Superset 4090 only
9132-090-804-NASuperset 4090 Leather Carrying Case$32.88
9132-090-805-NASuperset 4090 Charging Unit (with A/C Adapter)$56.36
9132-090-806-NASuperset 4090 Wall Mount Plate (Qty 5)$56.36
9132-090-807-NASuperset 4090 Spare Battery (Qty 4)$63.87
9132-090-808-NASuperset 4090 A/C Adapter for Base Unit
Note: Use only with the Superset 4090 Base Station. Do not use with the Superset 4090 charger
9132-125-100-NASuperset 4125 Light Grey$234.83
9132-125-200-NASuperset 4125 Dark Grey$234.83
9132-150-100-NASuperset 4150 - Light Gray$309.97
9132-150-200-NASuperset 4150 - Dark Gray$309.97
9132-200-100-NASuperset PKM48 Light Grey (no SIM 1, no bracket)$117.41
9132-200-102-NAKit Superset PKM48 Light Grey$178.47
9132-200-200-NASuperset PKM48 Dark Grey (no SIM 1, no bracket)$117.41
9132-200-202-NAKit Superset PKM48 Dark Grey$178.47
9132-201-200-NAUniversal Handset - Light Grey (Pkg of 25)$272.40
9132-250-100-NASIM1 (PKM Interface)$42.27
9132-250-101-NASIM2 (Analog & PKM Interfaces)$56.36
9132-800-001-NACord Detangler$65.75
9132-800-105-NAHandset Cord 9 ft/3.0 m - Light Grey (Pkg of 25)$46.97
9132-800-107-NASpare Stand - Light Grey (Pkg of 10)$28.18
9132-800-200-NAUniversal Handset - Dark Grey (Pkg of 25)$272.40
9132-800-207-NASpare Stand - Dark Grey (Pkg of 10)$28.18
9132-800-208-NAHandset Cord 9ft/3.0 m - Dark Grey (Pkg of 25)$46.97
9132-800-209-NAShort Bracket (Black) for PKM48 (Pkg of 5)$93.93
9132-800-210-NAPower Adapter$9.39
9132-800-299-NALong Bracket (Black) for PKM48 (Single)$18.79
9132-800-500-NAHeadset with Feature Control Switch$93.93
9132-800-601-NAWall Mounting Hardware Kit (Pkg of 25)$4.70
9112-080-001-NAMiLink Cables (0.3m) (Qty25)$46.97
9112-080-002-NAMiLink Cables (1m) (Qty 25)$46.97
9112-080-003-NAMiLink Cables (3.0m) (Qty 25)$46.97
9112-100-000-NAMilink Data Module
(Connects to Superset 410, Superet 430, for 19.2 Kbs Async Data)
9112-200-000-NAMilink PKM (Light Grey)$187.86
9112-200-001-NAPKM Power Adaptor$18.79
9112-200-008-NAPKM Connector Strip$4.70
9112-502-000-NAMilink PKM (Dark Grey)$187.86
9115-007-001-NAMitel Handsets (Light Grey)(Qty 25)$187.86
9115-007-003-NAMitel Handsets (Dark Grey) (Qty 25)$187.86
9115-008-001-NA8' Handset Cords (Light Grey) (Qty 25)$37.57
9115-009-001-NALine Cords (Qty 25)$117.41
9115-010-001-NA12' Handset Cords (Qty 25) (Light Grey)$46.97
9115-501-003-NA8' Handset Cords (Qty 10) (Dark Grey)$23.48
9119-101-001-NASS7000 Handset Cradle$93.93
9141-300-001-NADataset Power Supply$18.79
9141-900-100-NADatacabinet 9000$572.97
9141-901-100-NADatashelf 9100$901.73
9141-940-100-NAModem Interconnect Panel$375.72
9180-500-001-NAConsole DSS/BLF Interface Unit
Note: Min SW to run is LW17 Rls 3.1 or LW 29 Rls 2
On SX200 provides DSS/BLF
On SX2000 Provides BLF only
Used with Superset PKM48
9189-048-000-NAConsole Handset (Light Grey)(Qty 10)$75.14
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