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CS1000E Rls. 7.5 Installation

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Installation Overview

The most significant change in Rls. 7.5 is the requirement to deploy the Unified Communications Manager (UCM). The UCM creates a security domain where components and applications must authenticate or register in order to be functionable as a collective system. Once this security domain is established, only one password is required to access the various elements (single sign-on).

The installation process has been split into 12 steps:

  1. Install Linux base on CPDC card(s)
  2. Configure and Join the Secure Domain
  3. (Optional) Install CPDC card from Network (NFS)
  4. Install CS1000E & join it to the security domain
  5. Apply deplist and loadware to CS1000E
  6. Pre-configure and pre-deploy network elements
  1. Element Manager - Add node and configure SS
  2. Perform initial CS1000 configuration
  3. Add media gateways and voice gateway channels
  4. Add virtual trunks, conference and TDS loops
  5. Configure the NRS
  6. Create Backups


Before starting on the software installation, you will first need to prepare the hardware.

NOTE: Meridian Mail is not supported under Release 5.x+ - If the site currently has a Meridian Mail installed, it must be migrated or upgraded to a CallPilot (or other supported voice mail system) prior to deploying the new CallServer software.

IMPORTANT: Meridian Mail hardware and database references must be removed prior to upgrading. OUT MerMail AML, Loop, and TN's before making the final EDD backup. After the database is imported to the new Call Server, the ENET config data cannot be removed.

Perform an EDD *without* the Meridian Mail config data - to be used during the Call Server upgrade.

MGU TTY to MRV pinout:

Having access to an MRV (terminal server) will greatly simplify dealing with all those serial TTY ports! If your installation is lucky enough to include an MRV, installing it - and preparing some TTY cables - is a good place to start.

Use the following pinout for serial communications between an MRV and the MGU serial ports.
This configuration works for either CPDC, CPPM, or MGC cards. Note, pin 5 is open at the MRV end. MGU TTY ports

MGU TTY to MRV: 1-1 , 2-2 , 3-7 , 4-4 , 5-3 , 6-6 , and 7-8.

MRV Port
  RJ45 plug

Using the code above, the MG1010 TTY end is standard 568B. At the MRV Port end, cut the Brown wire, and leave pin 5 open.

When building the TTY's, ADAN TTY TYPE: MGC, ports 0, 1, 2

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