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CS1000E Rls. 7.5 Installation

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9. Add Media Gateways and voice gateway channels

Media Gateways can either be added in software first and hardware later, or hardware first, and software later. This document will describe the former: we will add the Media Gateways in software first, and then add the hardware later.

Add IP Media Gateway(s):

Fill in the ELAN IP address and the Bandwidth Zone number. Make sure the IPMG Type dropdown is set correctly: MGC or MGX. MGX is required for MGXpec's, MG1010 cabinets will use MGC's. Click Save. A box will pop up stating IPMG zone changes require outing and rebuilding VGW channels. This does not apply when building a new MG. Click OK. Another box will popup stating there is no MG controller configured. Click OK.
Media Gateway Controller section:

DSP Daughterboard 1 section:

VGW and IP phone codec profile section:

QoS, Media Based CLID, Call Server LAN, and Routes can remain default.
Click Save. A popup box will ask you to click OK to save the configuration.

This brings up the Media Gateways page, but the configuration isnt complete.

Add voice gateway (VGW) channels:

Repeat the steps above for all MGs needed.

NOTE: We cannot use TN 00 00 for a DSP. If you're using a 96 port DSP and a 32 port DSP together:

96 port: on TN 11 0. Select Number of VGW channels as 96.
32 port: on TN 00 1. Select Number of VGW channels as 31.


Now would be a good time to save our work!

Tools Backup and restore CallServer... ACTION: "BACKUP", and click SUBMIT

Configure MGC card IP information:

Next, configure the Media Gateway Controller (MGC) cards, and "join" them to the secure domain. A serial TTY connection is used for initial configuration. A new card will boot to a configuration prompt.

Additional MGC information can be found here: MGC Card Settings.

Join the MGCs to the security domain:

Note: An SEC0037 message is output when security domain membership has been granted.

Once in the security domain and the IP link is up to the call server, the MGC(s) will begin to upgrade their loadware. The DSPs will likely not go idle until after the update and reboot process completes. If you experience difficulties with this step, refer to Upgrading MGXpec Loadware for a possible solution.

From LD 117 issue the command: stat ucm security or stat u s (for short) to confirm registration status. It may be necessary to enter stat u s refresh to update the list. Refer also to Security Domain Status.

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