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MGC Card Settings

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Media Gateway Controller cards

Each cabinet needs an MGC card (NTDW60 or NTDW98) in card slot 0, and each MGC card requires DSP daughter board(s) - which come in three flavors: 32, 96, and 128 port. With Rel. 7.5 and above, the MGC must also join the secure domain.

  • NTDW62 - 32 Port DSP Low Density (position 1 or 2)
  • NTDW64 - 96 Port DSP High Density (position 1 only)
  • NTDW78 - 128 Port DSP High Density (position 1 only)
  • UPDATE: From release 7.x, any daughter board can be placed in any Position: 1 (High Density), or 2 (Low Density).

    Refer to MGC DSP daughterboards for placement options.

    NTDW60 MGC Card with two positions'sAn NTDW62 (or 64) DSP Daughter board

    The MGC card is programmed using a 3 port Octopus cable (NTBK48AA) in an Option 11, or via the MGU port in a MG1010 chassis. MGXPEC's use a special IPE Shelf cable.

    Login with the default admin2/0000, PDT2, or secure password.
    IF you cannot login, it may be necessary to Load Gold Image.

    The MGC card requires an IP address, and the DSP daughter boards each require an IP address, set in Element Manager.

    The MGC IP data is programmed with a TTY cable, after it has registered, the DSPs can then be programmed in Element Manager.

    After the card has an IP address, you can Telnet or SSH into it.

    This is a "one time" configuration. An MGC is not portable without re-configuration.

     NTDW60 MGC Card with two DSP board's

    NOTE: Access to Element Manager is necessary to complete the TLAN and DSP (VGW) IP configuration. Element Manager stores the full MGC configuration in mgcdb.xml which is then transfered to the card (via SFTP) upon ELAN registration.

    Warning: IP address conflicts can down systems, ALWAYS check with PING before deploying!

    Configuring a New Card

    Release 7.5: using mgcsetup - see below.

    Attach a terminal to MGC port TTY 0 with a null adapter - 9600,N,8,1
    If replacement is a new card without any IP set, it will boot into a menu where you can enter the IP address information:

    ELAN IP              :       IP address for this card
    ELAN subnet mask     :
    ELAN gateway IP      :              GW from the MGC's perspective
    Primary CS IP        :        for the mgcdb.xml config file
    Change MGC advanced parameters? (y/[n]) : n
    You have entered the following parameters for this MG 1000E:
    ELAN IP              :
    ELAN subnet mask     :
    ELAN gateway IP      :
    Primary CS IP        :
    TLAN set to auto negotiate.
    ELAN set to auto negotiate.
    ELAN security Disabled
    Is this correct? (y/n/[a]bort) : y
    The above changes require reboot to take effect.
    Do you want to reboot now? (y/n/[a]bort) : y

    On registration, mgcdb.xml is transfered to the card (via SFTP) with the full configuration settings. If these values are different to those stored, the MGC will store the new values, and reboot to effect the changes. Therefore, a new card will boot twice.

    Configuring a Used Card

    If the card has been used, and has an IP set, you will need to reset it to default with mgcIPClear.

    1. Attach a terminal to MGC port TTY 0 with a null adapter - 9600,N,8,1
    2. Let the card boot up. When complete press [CTRL] LDB to enter the Local DeBug shell.
      Username: pdt2
      Password: ********* 
      ldb> mgcIPClear
      ldb> diskformat "all" 
      ldb> reboot
    3. The MGC boots into mgcsetup: follow instructions for a new card (above).

    If the (local login) password is not known, is can be reset by Reload Default Accounts
    If you suspect a problem with an MGC card, Load Gold Image and restore it to a virgin factory state.

    Configure MGC daughter board(s)

    Use the LDB/OAM shell command: dbhwshow to display the model and revision numbers for installed DBs (without having to remove the MGC) or mgcinfoshow to display the IP address configuration, uptime, registration status, and superloop information, etc.

    ldb> dbhwshow
    DB1 model and revision no: NTDW62AA

    Use Element Manager to configure MGC daughter board(s), after the MGC has registered.

    1. Find IP Network / Media Gateway
    2. Click on the loop shelf underlined area.
    3. Click NEXT to get to the configuration.

    If the MGC card is a replacement, this will not need to be done again (if the DB hardware matches).

    Refer to MGC DSP daughterboards for more detailed daughterboard placement options.

    Taken from Nortel knowledge base:

    CS 1000E 5.5: Unable to access Media Gateway Card (MGC) shells on new cards

    Problem Description:

    On brand new "out of the box" cards, following an upgrade to the current loadware on the Call Server (CS), the Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) and Local Debug Mode (LDB) shells are not accessible. After connecting to the card, getting the login and password prompt, then the banner scrolls - and that is it. Unable to get to the OAM prompt or LDB prompt. This issue is only seen on brand new cards.


    Problem Resolution / Manual workaround:

    1. Telnet into the MGC which you will not be be to access properly.
    2. Go to the Local DeBug shell: [CTRL] LDB
    3. Enter: remove /p/cspversion.txt and hit RETURN
    4. To verify it:
      ftp <MGC IP address>
      cd /p

      Ensure cspversion.txt is deleted, otherwise repeat step 3.
      (You cannot see anything echo on this hosted screen)
    5. Repeat step 1, you can login into this MGC normally. There is no need to reboot the MGC.

    UPDATE - Release 7.5

    Configure MGC card IP information:

    Join the MGCs to the security domain:

    An SEC0037 message is output stating security domain membership has been granted.

    Once in the security domain, the MGC(s) will begin to upgrade their loadware (check in LD 143, UPGMG STAT). The DSPs will likely not go idle until all loadware is installed and a reboot takes place. From LD 117 issue the command: STAT UCM SECURITY or STAT U S for short to confirm registration status. Repeat the steps above for all MGs needed.


    MCG configuration must be completed through the command line using mgcsetup .
    There are 3 ways to enter mgcsetup:

    Note:The Gateway Controller ships with gold software in onboard flash memory. This is upgraded automatically if centralized software upgrade is enabled on the Call Server. It can be upgraded manually through LD 143.

    Configuring the Gateway Controller (mgcsetup)

    Note: All entered values in this procedure are examples. Refer to your customer sheet for the correct values.

    1. Enter network IP information at the mgcsetup menu.

    Note: You must configure the TLAN with Element Manager on current MGC loadware. TLAN configuration information only appears if the loadware on the MGC card is older than the MGCBAD loadware.

    Please define the data networking parameters for this MG 1000E now.
    Hostname: 			MGC_N313     (optional)
    ELAN IP:
    ELAN subnet mask:
    ELAN gateway IP:
    Primary CS IP:
    Enter port and security parameters. if required:
    ELAN security = ISec, based on IPSec standard. Must be configured on every component expected to communicate across the ELAN, or not configured at all. There are 4 options:
    Change MGC advanced parameters? (y/[n]) : y
    TLAN is set to auto negotiate, change? (y/[n]) : y
    Note: Turning off auto negotiate on the TLAN
        : will default it to 100Mbps full duplex.
    Set TLAN to auto negotiate? ([y]/n) : y
    ELAN is set to auto negotiate, change? (y/[n]) : y
    Note: Turning off auto negotiate on the ELAN
        : will default it to 100Mbps full duplex.
    Set ELAN to auto negotiate? ([y]/n) : y
    ELAN security Disabled, change? (y/[n]) : n
    Note: Spaces ~ * ` @ [ ] and # are not supported in passwords.
    Please input PSK(16-32 chars): (input is not echoed)
    Strength of PSK: Weak
    Please reenter PSK(16-32 chars): (input is not echoed)
    Set MGC to TDM only? (y/[n]) : n
    Note: Turning on TDM only will not allow
        : the MGC to be connected to a network.

    2. Review the network information and enter y to confirm.

    You have entered the following parameters for this MG1000E:
    Hostname 	     : MGC_N313
    ELAN IP 	     :
    ELAN subnet mask     :
    ELAN gateway IP      :
    TLAN IP 	     :
    TLAN subnet mask     :
    TLAN gateway IP      :
    Primary CS Hostname  : CS 1000E_N313
    Primary CS IP 	     :
    Alternate CS 1 Hostname :
    Alternate CS 1 IP 	:
    Alternate CS 2 Hostname :
    Alternate CS 2 IP 	:
    TLAN set to auto negotiate.
    ELAN set to auto negotiate.
    ELAN security Enabled, level is Optimized Security
    Is this correct? (y/n/[a]bort) : y

    3. IP changes require a reboot. Enter y at the prompt.

    Do you want to continue? (y/n/[a]bort) : y
    reboot(-1) has been called...

    After reboot, the MGC connects to the Server and downloads the remaining configuration information.

    If centralized software upgrade has been enabled, the Gateway Controller will register and upgrade its software by downloading it from the Server. After the software has been upgraded, another reboot will be triggered.

    After reboot, the MGC registers to the Server and the LED displays the superloop and shelf (eg: 4 0) of the Media Gateway.
    If registration fails, the display shows UNRG, or an error code.

    If the MGC card does not register, disable SFTP by issuing the following command in LD 117: DIS TRANSFERS SECURE

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