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The MG1010 chassis

The Media Gateway 1010 (NTC310AA).

NTC310AAE6 MG1010 - Front View
Front View
  NTC310AAE6 MG1010 - Rear View
Rear View

The Media Gateway 1010 (MG1010) is a rack mount Media Gateway chassis that provides a larger amount of card slots than a MG1000E with Media Gateway Expander. The CS1000E Call Server can connect to and control a maximum of 50 MG1010s. Each MG1010 provides a dedicated Gateway Controller slot, two dedicated Server card slots, and ten slots for IPE cards.

Slots from left to right:

- Slots 22 & 23 are dedicated for Server cards (CPDC/CPPM), with only power and MGU connections.
- Slot 0 is reserved for the Media Gateway Controller (MGC). Server cards cannot be placed in slot 0.

Server cards can also be placed in IPE slots 1 through 10, supporting a total of 12 in the chassis.
Server cards in slots 1-10 require the NTAK19EC - 2 port SDI cable for serial TTY connections.

The MGU utility card provides visual monitoring of PSU, fan, and temperature status. It also provides access to the three serial ports of the MGC in slot 0, and to the two serial ports of each Server card in slots 22 and 23 (via RJ45's). It supports all international requirements for ringing and message waiting voltages, set by DIP Switches on the PCB. The MGU is hot-pluggable, thus you can remove/connect it with the system turned on, although analog sets will not ring (preventing incoming analog calls) while it's removed.

The MG1010 was intended for Rls 6 and above, however they are backwards compatible to Rls 5. The MGC loadware patch FPGA16 corrects the fans running at full speed with Rls 5 & 5.5. If you require this patch, it can be installed via Element Manager.

Note: the fans will run at full speed until the MGC card registers, or when a MGU fault condition exists.

Rear panel:

Note: in order to fit a second (redundant) power supply, the safety plate (covering up the PSU connector) needs to be removed. Losen the two phillips screws through the holes, and push or slide the cover up to remove it. Re-tighten the screws.

MGU TTY Connections:

Serial TTY ports (RJ45's) from top to bottom (click image to zoom):

MGU TTY ports
  • MGC serial port #1 (slot "0")
  • MGC serial port #2
  • MGC serial port #3
  • MGC Enet port #1: ELAN
  • MGC Enet port #2: TLAN
  • CP#1 serial port #1 (slot "22")
  • CP#1 serial port #2
  • CP#2 serial port #1 (slot "23")
  • CP#2 serial port #2

The NTC325AAE6 serial cable kit includes the N0211606 RJ45 to DB25 (male) adapter which is intended to connect the MG1010 to a DCE device such as a modem, and two RJ45 to DB9 (female) N0211605 adapters which have an integrated null modem and are intended to connect the MG1010 to DTE devices such as a terminal or PC serial port.

MGU Pin definitions and connection details

Pin #
SDI 2/3
CP 1/2
SDI 1/2
DB25 modem
Standard DB9
serial port
pin definition
(signal direction is from
DTE perspective)
Signal Signal Signal DB25 Pin # DB9 Pin #
1 nc nc DSR 6 6 Data Set Ready (in)
2 DCD nc DCD 8 1 Data Carrier Detect (in)
3 12v nc DTR 20 4 Data Terminal Ready (out)
4 GND GND GND 7 5 Ground
5 RXD RXD RXD 3 2 Recieved Data (in)
6 TXD TXD TXD 2 3 Transmitted Data (out)
7 nc nc CTS 5 8 Clear To Send (in)
8 12v nc RTS 4 7 Request To Send (out)

N0211605 DB9 Null Modem adapter

Use this pinout to connect between an MGU TTY port and a PC serial (or usb adapter) port.

MGU RJ45 Colour Signal DP9 Female
1 & 2 & 3 nc 1 & 4 & 6
4 GND 5
5 RXD 3
6 TXD 2
7 & 8 nc 7 & 8

RJ45 end: 1 & 2 & 3 are looped, 7 & 8 are looped (required!).
DB-9 end: 1 & 4 & 6 are looped, 7 & 8 are looped (not required if handshake=none on PC).
(nc: not connected)

MGU TTY to MRV pinout:

Use the following pinout for serial communications between an MRV and the MGU serial ports.
This configuration works for either CPDC, CPPM, or MGC cards. Note, pin 5 is open at the MRV end.

MGU TTY to MRV: 1-1 , 2-2 , 3-7 , 4-4 , 5-3 , 6-6 , and 7-8 .

MRV Port
  RJ45 plug

Using the code above, the MG1010 TTY end is standard 568B. At the MRV Port end, cut the Brown wire, and leave pin 5 open.

ADAN TTY TYPE: MGC, ports 0, 1, 2

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