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MGU DIP Switches

The NTC314AAE6 - MG1010 Media Gateway Utility (MGU) card supports US and international ringing and message waiting voltages, set by DIP switches on the PCB. It also provides visual monitoring of PSU, fan, temperature, and serial port access.

The MGU card is hot-pluggable, thus you can remove/re-seat it with the system turned on, although analog sets will not ring (preventing incoming analog calls) while it's removed. Always check the DIP switch settings before deploying a replacment card!

Note: the MG1010 fans will run at full speed until the MGC card registers, or when a MGU fault condition exists.

Ringer EnableS1-8
Ringer EnableON *
Ringer DisableOFF

* Standard US Setting

Click to

FrequencySwitch S1
VoltageSwitch S1

Ring Voltage Failure

PCB's older than Release 5 may have fauilty capacitors causing a ring voltage failure. When the failure occurs, the Ringing/Message Waiting LED on the NTC314AAE6 card faceplate will remain RED indicating a problem with the Ringing Voltage. Analog phones in other chassis are not affected.

Corrective Action: NTC314AAE6 cards Release 5 and later are modified to address the ringing voltage issue.
Any failed cards in the field can be returned for repair, at which time the modification will be applied.

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