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MG1010 Air Filter Cleaning

Air filter model number: NTC315

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Because the MG1010 is a forced air system, an air filter is mounted below the card cage. The filter is sealed to the bottom of the card guide where it provides an additional EMI attenuation barrier. You must perform a regular monthly inspection of the air filter to avoid and air flow issues which may cause overheating.

Replacing the NTC315 air filter

  1. Insert a portion of the NTC315 air filter into the filter slot at the rear of the chassis.
  2. With the levers parallel to the side of the filter on both sides, insert the filter straight into the chassis until the tips of the levers are approximately even with the edge of the chassis.
  3. Rotate the levers inward until they can be positioned behind and against the edge of the lower bend of the opening.
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