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MGC faceplate errors

You can check the MGC four-character LED faceplate display (shown right) for diagnostic information during bootup
and normal operation, when in service. Normally, it will display the configured loop and shelf number (LLLs).

During power-up/boot

When an MGC boots, diagnostic information from the hardware and firmware tests appears on the faceplate.
Messages that appear on the four-character LED display during MGC bootup are shown in the following table.

In normal operation the messages appear in the following order: BOOT, POST, PASS, LOAD.
If a fatal self-test error occurs, then PASS and LOAD do not appear. Instead an error code appears.

MGC faceplate startup codes:

Display Description
BOOT This is the first message when display becomes active.
POST Power on self test, appears while the MGC performs hardware system tests during system power up.
PASS Power on self test pass.
EXXX Error code where XXX is numeric. Appears if a serious system error is detected - see below.
LOAD Application software is loading.

During normal operation

After the boot loader loads the CSP and starts to run, you can use the faceplate display for diagnostic information.

During normal operation, the four-character LED displays the superloop and shelf number of the Media Gateway 1000E (MG 1000E) with MGC. If an error occurs that requires a diagnostic message to appear, then the display cycles between displaying the cabinet number and the error code. Each item appears for 20 seconds. The following table shows the messages that appear.

MGC faceplate normal operation / error codes:

Display Description
EXXX Error code where XXX is a numeric value. An error code appears if a serious system error is detected.
LLLS IPMG super loop and shelf, where LLL is the superloop number and S is the shelf number. Eg, 0320 or 1201.
Note: the shelf digit is a special superscript character to differentiate it from the superloop number.
E001 A 96 port daughter board is installed in DB position 2, this is not supported. Re-install it in position 1.
E002 Unable to send registration request to call server.
E003 Link down to call server.
E004 Daughter board is not registered with call server.
Additional messages are defined for the VoIP DSP Daughter boards.
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