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CS1000E Rls. 7.5 Installation

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8. Perform basic CS1000 configuration

Continuing with EM as the base from which to configure the system, the CS must get configured in preparation to add Media Gateways (MG) and Virtual Trunks (VTRK).

Remove legacy Conf/TDS loops:

The customer data block (CDB) is needed to add VGW channels on an MGC. Complete CDB configuration can be done later.

Add the CDB:

Add the DDB and have a threshold built prior to building zones:

A typical installation might use two zones, zone 1 for MO, which is used for media gateways and IP sets, and zone 10 for VTRK. There may be times when additional zones are needed or wanted.

Add two zones:

Zones are used by Communications Servers to determine what codec to use. If all media gateways are in the same equipment room, communicating via 100MB/1GB connections, there is no concern of limited bandwidth. Using a G.711 codec provides the best quality while using the least compression, largest payload. If there are media gateways in another room or building connected with fiber over a similar 100MB/1GB trunk, this can also use a G.711 codec. When the connection between media gateways is across a WAN, the Internet or perhaps a smaller, leased line often found shared with Data, this is when a more compressed codec is used, G.729.

The administrator selects which codec to use indirectly. First, the codecs available are selected while building the media gateways and the signaling servers. The system automatically recognizes which has more or less compression, lower or higher bandwidth usage respectively.

Personal Directory

In order for last-number redial and caller-log softkeys to appear on IP sets, make sure the following are entered:

  1. IP Network ➤ IP Telephony Nodes ➤ Personal Directories (PD)
    Check box next to Personal Directory Server: Enable Personal Directory (PD) service on this node.

  2. IP Network ➤ Personal Directories ➤ Server Configuration
    Enter the ELAN Signaling Server IP address at Server IP Address

Personal Directory was enabled on the NODE in the previous section.
Make sure that the ELAN SS IP address is entered correctly in the Personal Directories ➤ Server Configuration.

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