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Upgrading MGXpec LW

Avaya/Nortel MGXPEC card


The NTDW20 MGXPEC card converts a NT8D37 Large System Universal Equipment Module (UEM) into two Media Gateway shelves (IPMG type MGX) for use in a CS 1000E system.

The MGXPEC card can be thought of as two separate MGCs bolted together with the left board (motherboard) controlling the left half of the of the IPE shelf and the right (daughterboard) controlling the right half of the IPE shelf.

Problem Clarification

When adding a new MGC/MGXpec to a CS1000E system the card boots up and attempts an upgrade. Once it starts, the FPGA fails, with the following error:

ERROR: FPGA missing file: /p1/fpga/fpgamgx.xsvf Failed to upgrade FPGA loadware.Upgrade aborted.


Upgrade ONLY CSP first. Then the rest will upgrade as expected.

Make sure call server has latest ap02 or better loadware.

ld 117 make sure secure transfers is enabled:

=> stat t s

=> stat u i
The Security Domain IP address is :
The Security Domain Fingerprint is: C8:2E:42:A7:AC:90:5A:8B:6D:FA:22:4E:E6:5D:3E:D2

=> stat u s

ld 143 auto upgrade should be enabled by default. if not enable it.

1 Plug in MGX card ctrl I mgcsetup program IPs

when you get upgrade fails message on either the CS TTY or MGX CLI, go to step 2:


SRPT077 IPMG 4 0:Failed to upgrade FPGA loadware.Upgrade aborted.

SRPT077 Centralized Software Upgrade complete.

or MGX cli message:

OMM: IP link is UP between Primary Call Server and IPMG[4 0]
Bootline stored in NV_RAM
....Auto commit option has been enabled.
Upgrade of CSP loadware initiated.
Upgrade of MSP loadware initiated.
Upgrade of APP loadware initiated.
Upgrade of FPGA loadware initiated.
ERROR: FPGA missing file: /p1/fpga/fpgamgx.xsvf
Failed to upgrade FPGA loadware.Upgrade aborted.

2 Go to ld 143: upgmg 4 0 csp to force upgrade of the CSP image.

.upgmg 4 0 csp
WARNING!!! This operation will cause a service interruption.Proceed (Y/N)? y
SRPT077 IPMG 4 0:Received an upgrade request. Preparing IPMG for upgrade.

You can check the upgrade status in ld 143 with: upgmg stat

When this completes, go to the CLI of MGX and join the secure domain.

3 Using a serial port (or Telnet works), ctrl oam, login with admin2/0000, then: joinsecdomain use elan ip of ucm
The xml file will download. The remaining upgrades should now complete as expected.

4 Reboot the MGX so the rest of the upgrades finish.

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