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CS1000E Rls. 7.5 Installation

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5. Apply deplist and loadware to CS1000E

Login to the CS1K, and run MDP ISSP from LD 143 to check if the system is patched.

NOTE: If you can't load the deplist from the UCM, save the deplist .ZIP file to a RMD. Put the RMD in the faceplate of the CPPM card, goto LD 143 and type: mdp install /cf2/cppm75.zip

Next, goto LD 22: REQ PRT, TYPE PSWV - use the printout information to obtain the current loadware files from Avaya's ESPL website. Goto LW Release Comparison (applicable to MGC only). In the LOADWARE File comparison tool, paste the PSWV printout into the box and click submit. In the resulting table, download the indicated files. Install the CS patch's before the MGC ones.

In Element Manager, goto:

System Software Media Gateway PEPs
- and -
System Software Loadware PEPs

ESPL website:

Patches are downloaded from Avaya's Enterprise Solutions PEP Library
To download the latest Loadware files:

Patching - the CLI Method:

First get your files (a deplist .zip, and loadwares .lw) as above.


Copy the deplist zip archive file onto a RMD compact flash card.
OR, extract the deplist .zip file to a directory, say <deplist>, on the RMD.
- place the RMD in the CPPM front panel CF slot (cf2).


Copy the loadware patches onto an an RMD compact flash card.
- place the RMD in the CPPM front panel CF slot (cf2).

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