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Using the MRV


An MRV is a terminal server that provides remote (network) access to serial TTY ports.
TTY ports can be accessed by the following methods:

1. Telnet.

  1. From the PC, use Start, then Run, and enter cmd - and go to the DOS command line.
  2. At the DOS prompt, type:  telnet <ip-address> port#

    For example:

    > telnet 2100      - to connect to serial port #1

    The IP-address is the fixed address of the MRV, followed by a port/socket number representing the TTY port.

    The default port numbers are Telnet 2100-6800, SSH 2122-6822. For example:

    Port #:12345678910111213141516

    Once you connect to the port, you should have access to the connected device. See also: MRV Ports and Ports.

Note: In a dual core (High-Availability) PBX system, you can access either Core 0 or Core 1 - BUT only one core will be active, and allow programming. You will need to split the system in order to access both cores, eg: for upgrades or maintenance.

2. Web-based GUI interface

  1. In a browser window, type the IP address of your MRV. The LX-Series Console Access page displays.
  2. Click on the Launch Secure Console button.
  3. If Java is correctly installed, a Security Warning window displays.
  4. Accept the Security prompt. The Security Warning window closes.
  5. Enter your Username and Password, and click Login.
    The defaults are username: InReach and password: access.
  6. Click the Admin button on the toolbar and enter the default Superuser password: system.
    You can now configure the unit via the GUI.

Further information here: Configuring an MRV

3. Remote Modem Access.

You will need to have an analog line installed to the MRV and plugged into the built in Modem. Do the following:

  1. Set hyper-terminal to baud rate 9600, data bits 8, parity none, stop bit 1, flow none, and terminal VT100.
  2. Dial the number that goes to the MRV.
  3. When connected you will see Login. At Login enter ACCESS <enter>.
  4. Enter the user name: ADMIN <enter>.
  5. Set Privilege mode: SET PRIV <enter>
  6. Enter the password. SYSTEM <enter>
  7. Follow the procedures in 1b to Telnet into the ports.
    Example type Telnet <enter>. Login to connected device.

Note: when you are logged into the MRV through the dialup you can see the available commands by typing HELP <enter>.

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