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MRV Ports and Ports

An MRV is a terminal server that provides network access to serial console TTY ports.
It has two types of port: Asynchronous (serial) ports, and Ethernet (network) ports.

Asynchronous Ports:

There may be 8 (LX-4008), 16 (LX-4016), 32 (LX-4032), or 48 (LX-4048) Serial Ports, depending on model.
The DIAG port is for device configuration. The network port must be connected, and the IP address known.

MRV Rear Panel

Ethernet Ports:

There may be 8 (LX-4008), 16 (LX-4016), 32 (LX-4032), or 48 (LX-4048) Serial Ports, depending on model.
Serial Ports are assigned Telnet port numbers 2100-6800, and SSH port numbers 2122-6822, the DIAG Port is port #0.

Port #:12345678910111213141516

Port #:17181920212223242526272829303132

Port #:33343536373839404142434445464748


Connection is achieved by opening a Telnet (or SSH) session to an ethernet port.
When you connect to an ethernet port #, you connect with the associated serial port #.


> telnet 2100      - to connect to serial port #1

The IP-address is the fixed address of the MRV, followed by the serial ports 'socket port' number from the table above.

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