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NTBK51AA D-Channel Daughterboard
Programming for a new D-Channel Daughterboard used with Avaya/Nortel NTBK50AA 2Mb PRI card.

Upgrading a 4.5 E & T
Upgrading a 4.5 E&T with SSC chassis to 5.5 will allow us to incorporate the T switch

Small System 5.5 Upgrade
Installing or upgrading a Avaya/Nortel Small System PBX to CS1000 Release 5.5

5.5 Upgrade tips
Some 5.5 upgrade tips and observations. Some of the points may also apply to other release upgrades.

CS1000E Rls. 7.5 Installation - Add Media Gateways and voice gateway channels
Add Media Gateways and voice gateway channels

CS1000E Rls. 7.5 Installation - Backups
CPDC Backup to USB device

CS1000E Rls. 7.5 Installation - Install CS1000E & join it to the security domain
Install CS1000E & join it to the security domain

CS1000E Rls. 7.5 Installation - Apply deplist and loadware to CS1000E
Apply deplist and loadware to CS1000E

CS1000E Rls. 7.5 Installation - Element Manager - Add node and configure SS
Using the Avaya Element Manager to Add a node and configure the Signalling Server

CS1000E Rls. 7.5 Hardware overview
Avaya CS1000 Rls.7.5 peripheral hardware requirements, and recommended circuit card placement.

CS1000E Rls. 7.5 Installation - Install Linux base
Avaya Rls. 7.5 - How to Install the Linux base on first CPDC card

CS1000E Rls. 7.5 Installation - Install second CPDC card from Network (NFS)
Install a second Avaya/Nortel CPDC card with the Network File System (NFS) option

CS1000E Rls. 7.5 Installation - Configure NRS
Avaya Network Routing Service: configuring Numbering Plans, Endpoints, and Domains

CS1000E Rls. 7.5 Installation - Installation overview
Nortel Avaya Release 7.5 Installation Overview and Hardware Preparation

CS1000E Rls. 7.5 Installation - Perform basic CS1000 configuration
Using Element Manager, configure the Call Server to add a Customer Datablock, zones, Media Gateways, and Virtual Trunks.

CS1000E Rls. 7.5 Installation - Preconfigure and predeploy network elements
Preconfigure and predeploy network elements

CS1000E Rls. 7.5 Installation - Configure the primary security server
The UCM creates a security domain where components and applications must authenticate or register in order to be functionable as a collective system.

CS1000E Rls. 7.5 Installation - Add virtual trunks, conference and TDS loops
Add virtual trunks, conference and TDS loops

Option 11 E&M Configuration
This configuration example will show you how to configure the Nortel PBX Option 11 E&M Trunk Card.

Add a Media Gateway
How to add an Avaya Media Gateway Controller (MGC).

SPN Alternate Routing using ARRN
ARRN is used to alternatively route a specific number (or range of numbers) within an SPN entry.

Routing Calls to an Alternate Long Distance Carrier
A Meridian PBX can be programmed to automatically route calls to a least cost alternate long distance carrier

Making a bootable RMD
How to create a bootable CS1000 software RMD for the Call Server

USB boot drive for 7.6
How to create a bootable software installation USB drive for an Avaya CS1000 Call Server, Rel. 7.6

Customer Data Block
The Meridian 1 software has the ability to support multiple independant customers on common shared hardware.

Building a CDP
When linking PBX's, dialing 4 digits to reach a four digit external extension can be set up using CDP.

CDR Programming
How to configure a Meridian PBX for correct format CDR ouput

Linux Password Expiration
On a new Linux installation, the root password must be set to never expire.

How to change the hold music
There are a few reasons why one might want to change the default music-on-hold (MOH) on the Meridian MIRAN III card. Here's how to go about it.

Understanding Calling Line Identification (CLID)
Calling Line Identification tables are defined in LD 15.

CS1000 Architecture
CS1K system components and call path explained

Load Patch procedure
Installing software patches on a Nortel/Avaya CS1000 PBX System

PRI programming (Large System)
Nortel/Avaya CS1000 PRI hardware and programming for EURO ISDN Routes and trunks on a Large System.

Internet Explorer settings
Configuring MS Internet Explorer for use with the Nortel/Avaya Element Manager.

ICB ACD Programming
ACD printouts for the Integrated Conference Bridge.

ICB Screen Shots
Various Avaya/Nortel Integrated Conference Bridge (ICB) web interface settings

ICB Quick Reference Card
ICB Telephone User Interface (TUI) Quick Reference Card

Incoming Digit Conversion
Overlay program 49 allows the building, changing, deleting, moving, and printing of Incoming Digit Conversion (IDC) Data. IDC is a way to map an incoming DID number to a different extension number.

Rel 6 Installation Summary
Installation overview

Rel 7.5 Installation Summary
Installation overview

Calling Line Identification (CLID)
Sending a Calling Line Identification to the dialed party is optional, and can be allowed (or not) per DN.

DID Connection to PTT via 2 Mb PRI (ISDN) Protocal (IFC = EURO)

ISDN Tie Trunks
The following example shows the programming steps required at the Meridian end of an E1 (PRI ISDN) Tie trunk between two different PBX types, using DPNSS.

Keycode Update Procedure
Installing a new keycode file

MAS Configuration
How to configure a MAS (Media Application Server) in a 7.5 system.

MAS Deployment
How to deploy a Nortel/Avaya Media Application Server (MAS) in a Release 7.5 PBX system.

Overlay Data Entry
When programming a new Meridian PBX, customer data should be entered in the Overlays in the following order.

Route Access Codes
A route access code (ACOD) selects a trunk for an outgoing call. Different trunk types, or routes, are selected by a different code - eg, 9 or 7.

Music on Hold or Delay
The music Package supports Music-on-Hold and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Music-on-Delay. Music is provided by a dedicated music trunk by means of the conference circuit.

The Special Number Data Block
The numbers dialable by your Avaya/Nortel PBX are stored in the Special Number (SPN) Translation data block. This data block can be printed or edited in LD 90 where network translation tables are generated and administered.

Trunk Group Restrictions
Access restrictions: if TGAR = TARG, the call is blocked, if TGAR ≠ TARG, the call is allowed.

CDR Setup
Basic Meridian Call Detail Recording (CDR) Setup

The MG1010 chassis
The MG1010 chassis has 2 CPPM slots, 1 MCG slot, and 10 IPE slots

MGC faceplate errors
MGC faceplate display error definitions

MGC DSP daughterboards
DSP daughterboards provide tone and conference functions for IP to TDM connectivity for Avaya/Nortel PBX Media Gateways.

MGC Load Gold Image
Reset an MGC to factory state by loading/booting from gold image

MGC Card Settings
Avaya/Nortel Media Gateway Card (MGC) daughterboard configuration settings

Upgrading MG XPEC LW
Solution for when a Avaya/Nortel MGXPEC card fails to upgrade it's FPGA loadware.

Upgrading MGC/MGX LW
Solution when mgcinfo.rec/dnldlist.rec cannot be transferred from Avaya/Nortel Call Server to MGC media gateway card.

MIRAN - Software Installation
How to re-install the MIRAN application on the root of the Compact Flash (CF) card if data has become corrupted or deleted.

MIRAN File Transfer
FTP is a good (non-service impacting) way to transfer music and announcment files to or from a Nortel/Avaya MIRAN card.

MIRAN Card Installation
The Meridian Integrated Recorded Announcer Release 3.0 Card (MIRAN) is a fully integrated, multi-featured, digital recorded announcer (RAN) and music-on-hold (MOH) service card.


Miran Installation Procedure
Succession Media Card quick installation procedure. To install and configure the MIRAN III product, follow these steps.

MIRAN - Changing the Music
There are a few reasons why one might want to change the default music-on-hold (MOH) on the Avaya/Nortel MIRAN III card. Here's how to go about it.

Replacing an MG XPEC
A 3 step process: Leave the secure domain, enter IP information in the replacement, re-join the secure domain.

Option 11 Installation
Nortel Small System (Option 11) Installation Guide

Partition the CPPM FMD
If you experience Fixed Media Device (FMD) errors, it will need to be re-formatted and partitioned.

Installing Patches
After a Software Upgrade or Install, don't forget to apply any Patches!

PRI programming (Small System)
CS1000 PRI hardware and programming for EURO ISDN Routes and trunks on an Option 11.

Phantom Terminal Numbers
This Avaya/Nortel feature, in conjunction with Default Call Forward All Calls (DCFW) allows a call to a phantom DN to be redirected to an existing telephone.

UCM Security Configuration
Configure the UCM Primary security server and create a security domain

T-1 Intallation Instructions
T1 installation and programming instructions for Avaya/Nortel PBX's.

Meridian E&M TIE programming
IVG requirements, example route and trunk printouts to aid the installer.

CS1K Serial TTY cables
Cisco Console cable adapter pinouts for Avaya/Nortel CS1K serial TTY port applications.

UDT E1 T1 clocks
Each Avaya/Nortel Media Gateway with a digital service (T1/PRI) must have a clock card present.

UDT E1 PRI Example
The UDT E1/T1 replaces the NTAK79, NTAK09, NTAK10, NTBK50, and NTRB21.

UDT E1/T1 - Universal Digital Trunk card
The UDT E1/T1 replaces the NTAK79, NTAK09, NTAK10, NTBK50, and NTRB21.

UDT Factory Reset
Factory default a Nortel/Avaya Universal Digital Trunk (UDT) card.

UDT T1 DTI Example
The UDT E1/T1 replaces the NTAK79, NTAK09, NTAK10, NTBK50, and NTRB21.

Vanguard T1 to M1
Route (RDB) and Trunk (TIE) Programming for a Nortel Meridian T1 interface on a Vanguard Router, used in some voice gateway VoIP applications.

VGMC 5.5 Upgrade
Avaya/Nortel VGMC Upgrade procedure

Vintages for 5.5 - 7.X
A list of items that (if present in the system) must either be removed or updated to a minimum vintage as specified.

Vanguard E&M VoIP Tie Trunks
Critical information to the successful installation of a VoIP IVG circuit through a Vanguard 340E unit and an Option 11C.

Adding Vonage VoIP trunks
The steps required to interface a Vonage VoIP Phone Adapter (analog) to a Nortel Meridian XCOT trunk card, and how to assign a trunk access code

Transfer Small System Database
Choose Transfer Small System database to convert a backup from a previous software release, eg: during an upgrade.

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