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MIRAN File Transfer

There are several ways to transfer files to or from a MIRAN card:

1Mount the CF on a PCRemove onboard flash drive, USB CF reader.
2PCMCIA slot (drive A:)A 64Mb PCMCIA CF memory card/adapter.
3File Transfer ProtocolLAN connection, IP address, FTP client.

If the MIRAN card is connected to a LAN (ELAN), network file transfer (FTP) is a good non-service impacting option! This method can be used to make backup copies of the keycode, music/announcement, and calendar files. A network connection also allows remote administration via a web browser, and/or TELNET. Connecting a MIRAN to a network requires an NTVQ0120E5A0870611 Audio adapter 50 pin i/o adapter.

To assign MIRAN an IP address: MIRAN Log On Screen

FTP Commands:

MIRAN has a limited command set, the following commands are supported:

cdChange MIRAN drive
lpwdPrint local directory path
lcdChange local directory
ascSet ASCII mode
binSet binary mode
lsList files on MIRAN drive
getCopy file from MIRAN
putSend file to MIRAN
delDelete file on MIRAN drive
byeClose session

! (exclamation) is a local shell, prefix a command to execute it locally, eg: !ls
Use ASCII mode to transfer text files (keycode.dat), and Binary mode to transfer all other files.
Change to the MIRAN PCMCIA drive with cd /A:, or internal flash drive (default) with cd /C: - drive letter is uppercase.

The plain-text file C:KEYCODE.DAT must be present (and validate) for MIRAN to function after a reboot.
To restore the default usernames and passwords, delete the file C:_USERS.DAT (mount CF if no access).
The default Administrator username/pasword is: admin/admin000


MIRAN does not support PWD causing some FTP programs to quit. Therefore, simply use the command line.
Open a FTP session from the command line (Windows) or Terminal (Mac) with ftp <user>@<IP-address>
Transfer files with put <filename> or get <filename>, being careful to set the correct mode first (eg, bin).
Close the session with close, bye, or quit.

mbp:~ mike$ ftp admin@           (open connection)
Connected to
220 VxWorks (5.4) FTP server ready
331 Password required
Password: ########                            (default: admin/admin000)
230 User logged in
ftp> bin                                      (set binary mode)
200 Type set to I, binary mode
ftp> put flowy.wav                            (copy file to MIRAN)
local: flowy.wav remote: flowy.wav
227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,32,32,4,26)
150 Opening BINARY mode data connection
100% |***********************************|  1557 KiB  345.83 KiB/s    00:00 ETA
226 Transfer complete
1594997 bytes sent in 00:04 (317.28 KiB/s)
ftp> bye                                      (close the session)
221 Bye...see you later
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