Mike's PBX Cookbook

Remote Backup and Restore

Using Overlay LD 143:

A method exists to save Meridian Option 11 Configuration backups to a PC, using 'HyperTerminal' (or Putty), a TTY connection, and LD 143. This method also allows backups to be made or restored remotely (via modem). The following applies to Small System (Option 11E and early 11C), CS 1000S, MG 1000B, or MG 1000T systems from Release 22 on.

Command Summary:

XBKBackup the configuration files from the primary drive to a computer, via XMODEM.
XRTRestore the files from a computer onto the primary drive, via XMODEM.
XSLSysload the system from the primary drive. Password: ohno
XVRVerify the files on a computer with the files on the primary drive.


The LD 143 commands XBK (backup) and XRT (restore) use the XMODEM-CRC protocol to transfer files to and from a PC. Regular backups may be made in this way, storing the files on the PC's hard drive.

Try to use as fast a speed as possible, the Dip switch setting (BPS) on the SSC card adjusts the baud rate of TTY0 - note that only one switch must be on at a time, and this setting must be the same as HyperTerminal's 'bits per second' setting.

At the LD 143 prompt, enter XBK to perform a backup. Choose 'Receive File' from HyperTerminal's 'Transfer' drop down menu. In the next box, enter a meaningful filename, and make sure that XMODEM is selected as the protocol. Click 'Receive'.

After a short pause, a progress bar will start. The downloaded file size will be about 500K, so don't do this at 1200 baud's or it will take ages!

Restoring with XRT follows the same procedure in reverse, but select 'Send File' from HyperTerminal's transfer menu this time. Again, enter the filename (to send, or restore) and ensure that the XMODEM protocol is selected.

A PBX Restart (power-cycle on/off/on) will be required to make the restored database active. If power-cycling the PBX is undesireable (or not possible in the case of a remote connection), still in LD 143, use the XSL (External Sysload) command to reload the database. The password is OHNO and can not be changed.

If for any reason the download aborts before completing, (wrong protocol selected, or connection broken) you will have corrupted the backup in your switch and this must be repaired. Do this in LD 43 with the EDD command. This command should be performed periodically anyway to ensure there is always a current backup in Flash ROM (used to Boot up after a power fail).

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