Mike's PBX Cookbook

Upgraded 11C

An Option 11C upgraded to 7.5. The SSC and Fiber Receiver (slot 0) have been replaced with MGC cards. Large system TN's.
The new CPPM and CPDC cards can go in any slot, as they only pull power from the back-plane. This system is SA (single core).

Option 11 Cabinet

Nortel Meridian / Avaya CS1K

Media Gateway

MGC Card Settings

DTI Card

DTI/PRI Maintenance

PRI Card

2.0 Mb PRI Maintenance

Core 0 (CPPM)

CS1K Administration


Security Domain Status

Line Cards

CS1K Administration

USB Drive (CPDC)

Backup the Linux Base

Compact Flash

Backup device for Call-Server


Connected to Tape / CD-ROM


Registration Commands


MAS Configuration

Media Gateway

Check Registered Elements

Call Pilot (201)

Call-Pilot Administration

E and T-LAN

4550T Configuration
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