Mike's PBX Cookbook

MAS Configuration


SuburbanJungle.wav (right-click, save linked file as...)

To roll your own, the WAV file audio format should be 8KHz, 16bit, mono.

CS1k Side

1. Edit the package in feature packages.
2. Add route to support IPMUS.
3. Select TKTP and "IMUS"
4. Add Trunk

Node Side

1. Add IP media services and enable the required services.

Then Save, SYNC, and restart the applications.

From MAS side.

1. System Configuration > Signaling Protocols > Domains and Accounts > Add Domain

2. After this got to System Configuration > Signaling Protocols > Node and Routes > Add Trusted Nodes. Make sure we add SS TLAN, NRS TLAN, Node IP.

3. Add Route for all IP configured in Trusted Nodes.

4. Then go to Tools > Media Management > Add > Type the name as CS1000 (make sure it is in Capital letters)

5. Then click on browse and the select the CS1000 block and the click on ADD content group. Provide the name as domain name (eg: nortel.com)

6. After adding. Click on Domain name and then Add Content Group to add the cs1k hostname. (If dual-cores add the name of the linux base machine. If standalone then add the host name provided in ld 117 prt host.)

7. Add Another content group on CS1k hostname. This would be the customer name (ie 00 or 01 etc)

8. After adding the customer number, add media file to the customer name. Please make sure that the file name of the music file is in the format "mus<customer no:><route no:>.wav". eg, mus025.wav. The audio format should be 8KHZ mono. You can rename the file after uploading it by right-clicking on the name.

9. After adding the file the system would look in the below format.

10. After doing all the above, go to Element Status and check there are no alarms on the system and that the Element Status is normal.

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