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DN Licence exceeded

If CallBill reports the following error:

The DN Licence for Site: xyz has been exceeded. Please contact your vendor to upgrade your licence.

First, use LD 117 to generate and print a station inventory to find any unused sets - there are usually quite a few!

For the sets you OUT, remember to also delete the associated voicemail mailboxes in CallPilot or Meridian Mail.

Next, remove the unused DN's from Callbill's User Details list to reduce the Callbill license count.

To do this:

  1. Open the Reports module
  2. Click on the User Details button in the top right corner
  3. Click the find button and then click on the search button on the find user button.
  4. Just above the search button it will show how many records are currently in the Callbill license count
  5. Click the OK button to return to the user details window.
  6. On this window you can highlight the records that are now obsolete and click the Delete button. This will remove the DN from your current license count.
  7. You can hold the shift button and highlight multiple records to delete multiple records at once.
  8. Once you have reduced the license below the licensed number (eg, 200 DN's) then CallBill will process calls again.

If you're unable to reduce the DN count to within the licensed value, you may have to purchase a license upgrade.

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