Mike's PBX Cookbook

MG1010 Core

An MG-1010 running 7.5. The MGC card must go in slot 0. CPPM and CPDC cards can go in either slots 22 or 23. This system is HA (High Availalbility, therefore dual core). The blue HSP connects to Core 1. There is no TLAN connection to the CS or Call-Pilot.

UDT Serial port

Used to configure E1 CRC4

Media Gateway

MGC Card Settings


Media Gateway Utility card

TTY Ports

For slots 22, 23, and MGC

UDT Card

E1/T1 - Universal Digital Trunk

Core 0 (CPPM)

CS1000 - Call Server, Core-0


Security Domain Status

Line Card

CS1K Administration

USB Drive (CPDC)

Backup the Linux Base

USB Ports

For Call-Pilot USB peripherals

High Speed Pipe

HSP Connected to Core-1


Embedded/Equipment LAN


Routable Traffic LAN


USB device for Call-Pilot


Backup device for Call-Pilot

Compact Flash

Backup device for Call-Server


Call-Pilot Administration

ERS / Data Switch

4550T Configuration
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