Mike's PBX Cookbook

4550T Configuration for closet use

For closet use, there is no need to create separate VLANS as telephones hook up to the TLAN.

Check the current firmware version with show sys-info, and perform a firmware upgrade if required.


Now we can continue using the web interface... (use Port 1 as the management port)

VLANS -> SETTINGS -> AUTO PVID (make sure autopvid is set)
 BASIC -> Remove all ports except 1, 49 and 50
Insert VLAN ID 2
Select ALL Ports except 1
Multiline trunks #1 Ports 49 and 50

Configuration Backup

From the TTY, issue the following commmands:

save config
copy config
copy tftp address <IP> filename <xyz.cfg> 
copy running config tftp filename <xyz.cfg> 

Note: Details about setting up a local TFTP server, such as SolarWinds or PumpKIN, can be found elsewhere. Running a TFTP server is hightly recommended. A TFTP server on your ELAN will assist with soft/firm/load-ware updates and configuration backups.

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