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Reset to Factory Defaults

Occasionaly, you may want to factory default/reset a switch. This can be done from the CLI, but if you've lost the password you’ll need to follow this procedure - which should work for any of the Ethernet Switches (450, 460, 470) and the Ethernet Routing Switches 2500 Series, 4500 Series, 5500 (5510, 5520, 5530) Series.

Follow these steps:

  1. Connect to the console port of the switch (9600,8,N,1)
  2. Reboot (power-cycle) the switch.
  3. When the first line of the diagnostics tests is displayed, press CTRL-C. The system then displays a menu.
    >> Break Recognized - Wait..
    Press 'a'  to run Agent code
    Press 'c'  to run Cascade external loopback test
    Press 'd'  to Download agent code
    Press 'e'  to display Errors
    Press 'i'  to Initialize config/log flash
    Press 'p'  to run POST tests
    Press 'r'  to Receive cascade test packets
    Press 's'  to Send    cascade test packets..
  4. Press ' i ' to Initialize config/log flash.
    Erase Config/Log Flash? y/N [ N ]: y
    Erasing     - Done
  5. Press ' a ' to run Agent code. The switch will reboot.
    Starting Agent Code..
    Decompressing the image ...
    "NVRAM:" formatted.
    Target Name: vxTarget
    User: target
    Attaching network interface idtip0... done.
    Attaching network interface lo0... done.
    Completing initialization...

Upon boot up, the switch will be in a factory default configuration.

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