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4550T Firmware Upgrade

Two files are required:

There is no requirement to update the bootloader (boot.bin) image.
This upgrade may change the switch branding from Nortel to Avaya.


Check the current version

Always upgrade the DIAG first, then the IMAGE.

DIAG (FW) Upgrade

IMAGE (SW) Upgrade

After the switch reboots, check the splash screen to ensure the Firmware and Software has been updated to the correct version.
IMPORTANT: A stack will take a little longer to initialise. Wait for the splash screen to refresh a second time, indicating its done.



Note: Firmware upgrade via TELNET requires a TFTP server (eg: SolarWinds or PumpKIN) hosting the two image files.
A TFTP server on the ELAN is highly recommended to assist with soft/firm/load-ware updates and configuration backups.

The Download Menu

To recover a dead or re-booting switch, try the following:

ERS Z-Modem transfer

Note, it's a really good idea to set a higher data rate before starting! Use space to select say 115200.

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