Mike's PBX Cookbook

4550T Firmware Upgrade

Two files are required:

There is no requirement to update the bootloader (boot.bin) image.
This upgrade may change the switch branding from Nortel to Avaya.


Check the current version:

Always upgrade the DIAG first, then the IMAGE.

DIAG (FW) Upgrade:

IMAGE (SW) Upgrade:

After the switch reboots, check the splash screen to ensure the Firmware and Software has been updated to the correct version.
IMPORTANT: A stack will take a little longer to initialise. Wait for the splash screen to refresh a second time, indicating its done.



Note: Firmware upgrade via TELNET requires a TFTP server (eg: SolarWinds or PumpKIN) hosting the two image files.
A TFTP server on the ELAN is highly recommended to assist with soft/firm/load-ware updates and configuration backups.

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