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Superloops / Controllers

The image right is a NT8D01BC Controller-4 card.
It is installed in each IPE shelf between slots 7 and 8.

There are two Network shelf Cards:

The Superloop Network card combines four regular network loops to make 120 timeslots available to peripheral equipment (PE) cards housed in Intelligent Peripheral Equipment (IPE) Modules. Faceplate connector J2 is used for shelf 0.

An IPE Shelf has four card segments. A Superloop can be used for each segment (zero blocking), or shared bewteen 1 to 8 segments (two shelves). The back-plane wiring configuration (J1, J2 - SL0/SL1/SL2/SL3) must match the software configuration.

Superloop / Controller configurations are programmed and printed in LD 97.

Note: Do not enable the switch on NT8D04 or QPC414 Network cards until after the network loop cables are installed.

Warning Note: This page was written before the days of IP, but it's still applicable! With MGC or MGX cards, the SUPT (superloop type) is IPMG. You will need to know the Zone before hand. At IPR0, enter the Shelf 0 IP address. At IPMG_TYP0 (IPMG type) enter MGC (default), MGX, or MGS. Shelf 1 is IPR1, enter through if not present.


LD 97
REQ: chg
TYPE: supl
SUPL: x x - Superloop number, X to OUT
SLOT: L or R L = left slot, R = right slot
SUPT: std
XPE0: x y z Shelf 0 (J2)
x = Controller number
y = Starting segment number
z = Ending segemnt number
XPE1: x y z Shelf 1 (J1)
x = Controller number
y = Starting segment number
y = Ending segemnt number


LD 97
REQ: chg
TYPE: xpe
XPEC: x x = controller number,
0 = Auto assign next available controller number,
X to OUT a controller

Diagnostic commands:

Occasionally, loops STAT as enabled/responding, but the IPE shelf is dead. Bouncing the controller in LD 32 should restore service.

LD 30 -

DISL loop Disable loop
ENLL loop Enable loop
LENL List enabled loops
LDIS List dissabled loops
LOOP loop,
Test network memory on one or all loops
This will also enable any dissabled digital sets
STAT Get status of all network loops
STAT loop Get status of specified network loop

LD 32 -

DISL sl Disable superloop
DSXP x Disable controller x and associated peripheral cards
ENLL sl Enable superloop
ENXP x Enable controller x and associated peripheral cards
STAT sl Get status of specified superloop
SUPL (sl) Print data for one or all superloops
XPEC (x) Print data for one or all controllers
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