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Moving Meridian Mail


With 'Half Network-Group' systems (Option 51's) there are just 16 Network Loops, or 4 Superloops, available. If an additional Superloop is needed when none appears to be free, one solution maybe to move Meridian Mail. Meridian Mail requires a Loop, NOT a Superloop, but it is often installed in a Superloop slot (commonly Loop 12 on 51C's).

There are two Network Cards:

A Superloop (XNET) network card physically requires one card slot, but its adjacent slot cannot be used by either ENET or TDS/Conf cards, due to address limitations.

However, the slot next to an ENET card can be equipped with non-network cards (ESDL, MSDL, etc.). Knowing this is useful when trying to to free a network slot. Note, an XNET card can be physically Left or Right, but the Superloop number (SUPL) is the same.

Refer to Group, Shelf, Slots and Loops to help identify physical loop and slot numbers.

A network card arrangement example:

NT5D21 Core/Net Module


This procedure explains how to move Meridian Mail from Network Loop 12 (slot 6) to Network Loop 2 (slot 1), which is often free, as slot 0 typically contains the TDS/Conf card (loop's 0 and 1).

  1. Find/create an available network slot - slot 1 should be free (it usually is). If there is a QSDI (or similar) card in slot 1, it can be safely moved to slot 3, ie, between Superloop 4 and 8, thus freeing slot 1 (loop's 2 & 3) for the Meridian Mail ENET card.
  2. Having freed slot 1, courtesy down Meridian Mail.
  3. Disable Loop 12 in LD 32 with REQ: DISL 12

  4. Print, then delete all the ACD Agents (ACDN's) associated with loop 12 - this can be done in MAT.
    Remember you cannot MOV ACD agents as data corruption can occur, they must be OUTed.
  5. Physically move Meridian Mail's ENET card from loop 12 to loop 2 (slot 1).
  6. In LD 17, remove loop 12.
    CEQU: at the TERD prompt, enter X12

    LD 17
    REQ: CHG
    <enter until...>
    TERD: X12
  7. In LD 17, add loop 2.
    CEQU: at the TERD prompt, enter 002
  8. LD 17
    REQ: CHG
    <enter until...>
    TERD: 002

  9. Re-enter the ACD Agent ACDN's (deleted above) on loop 2. Note: use the printout as a reference, they'll remain exactly as printed, but the TN loop number is now 2.
  10. At the Meridian Logon prompt, type TOOLS, and enter your admin password when prompted. You are now able to configure Meridian Mail. Select "Modify Configuration" (DSP Ports). Change all occurrences of loop 12 to loop 2 and hit SAVE. Back out to the logout screen, and re-boot the system. Note: it will typically take 1 to 2 hours for Meridian Mail to re-boot.
  11. When the log-on screen appears, login normally and "courtesy activate" the system. DSP Port status should respond "IDLE". A prolonged "Loading" response indicates that Loop 2 is either not enabled or configured.
  12. Dial the Meridian Mail access number, and rejoice when the Meridian Mail lady answers!
  13. Beer time ;-)
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