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Installer PC Hookup

During installation it is recommended that the IP Office control unit is started without it being connected to any network. This ensures that the IP Office defaults to a known set of IP address settings.

If the IP Office is started connected to a network with a DHCP server. The programming PC will need to be connected to the same network as either a DHCP client or with an IP address valid for that network.


Direct Connection to a Defaulted IP Office Control Unit

  1. The default address for an IP Office control unit LAN port is
    LAN Port (LAN1): / 24
    WAN Port (LAN2): / 24

    To directly connect a PC, change the TCP/IP properties for the PCs LAN port to the following:

    Fixed IP address192.168.42.2
    Subnet mask255.255.255.0
    Default gateway192.168.42.1

    Setting the PC to DHCP could be used, but is not recommended (especially for advanced functions such as firmware upgrades).

  2. Connect the LAN cable from the PCs LAN port the LAN or LAN1 port on the IP Office control unit.

  3. Check that the orange LED lamp on the IP Office LAN port is on. The green LED may also be flickering as it indicates traffic across the LAN connection.

  4. To test the connection before running Manager or System Status Application:
    - Select Start ➤ Run and enter cmd.
    - In the command window that appears enter ping You should see ping replies from the IP Office.
    - If there are no ping replies, enter ipconfig and confirm the the Manager PC IP address settings are correct.

  5. You can now start IP Office Manager, System Status or System Monitor.
    The default password is:
    User NameAdministrator
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