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Admin Applications

The IP Office Administration suite consists of a number of applications for IP Office installers and maintainers. These applications are all provided on the IP Office Administrator Applications DVD and don't require any licenses.


Installing the IP Office Admin Applications

  1. Remove any previously installed IP Office Admin suite applications.
  2. Insert the Administrator Applications DVD. Select the option for the IP Office Administration Suite.
    A folder window will display the installation files.
  3. Double-click on setup.exe.
  4. Select the language you want to use for the installation process. Click Next >.
  5. Select who should be able to run the Admin Suite applications. Click Next >.
  6. Avaya recommends that you accept the default destination. Click Next >.
  7. Next, select which applications should be installed. Click the down arrow next to each application to select or de-select it.
    Select the required applications, click Next >.

    IP Office Installation Wizzard
  8. Ensure that at minimum System Monitor and Manager are selected. Click Next >.
  9. Click Install, and wait for the installation process to complete.
  10. If requested, reboot the PC.
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