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Reset all passwords

Passwords can be reset to default values via the RS232 (DTE) Maintenance port on the back of the IP Office.

DTE Port Settings:


Enter the following commands (in bold) when the IPOffice is running normally. (Do not press ESC during startup!):

Press ESC key... 
Enter "00E007092AD5" to continue          the LAN1 port MAC address is displayed
00E007092AD5                              enter the number displayed above
Tue 25/2/2014 14:50:48, Hello>reboot

Note: You can reboot the IP Office either from at-debug or the Manager program - Advanced menu.

After the system reboots, you should be able to login with the default passwords.

Default Service Users:

NamePasswordAccount RoleRights Group
AdministratorAdministratorThese are the default accounts used for system configuration using the IP Office Manager application Administrator, Customer Admin, System Status Group
ManagerManagerCustomer Admin, Manager, System Status
OperatorOperatorCustomer Admin, Operator, System Status
EnhTcpaServiceEnhTcpaPwd1Used for one-X Portal for IP Office connections to the systemTCPA Group
SCN_AdminThis account is used for multiple system configuration using the Small Community Network Management featuresAdministrator Group, System Status Group
IPDECTServiceused for DECT R4 system provisioning via an IP DECT trunkIPDECT Group
SMGRB5800AdminSMGRB5800AdminThis account is used for web based configuration servicesSGMR Admin
secureusersecureuserSecurity Admin
securitysecuritypwdThis account is used for creating service Users thru the Manager > Security settingsMaintainer
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