Mike's PBX Cookbook

Troubleshooting Meridian Mail

Enable Application Module Link to the Meridian Mail:

LD 48 Commands:

STAT AML (x) Get AML Status (x=9-15) - All layers should be enabled
ENL AML x Enable AML x
ENL MSDL x FDL Enable MSDL x, Force Download
ENL AML x LYR2 Enable AML x layer 2
ENL AML x AUTO Enable Auto recovery

Check Status of Meridian Option 11-81C: Agents should be Idle and not logged out

LD 32 Commands:

STAT 10 Option 11C Mail Card version
STAT slot Option 11C MGate card slot
STAT loop Option 51-81C loop used for Mail

Initialize the Meridian Option 11C Agents (If a LD 32 STAT shows agents logged out):

LD 48: DIS AML xx, ENL AML xx (normally xx = 09 or 15),
or Enable cards that are disabled in Meridian Mail
Meridian Mail: System Status and Maintenance / Card Status
Enable Digital Voice Cards (11C) or Voice Processor Cards (51-81C)

Or, Disable then Enable the ports in both Meridian Mail and Meridian 1

Meridian Mail: System Status and Maintenance / Card Status
Disable Digital Voice Cards (11C) or Voice Processor Cards (51-81C)

Meridian 1 PBX: LD 32: DISC 10 - Disable 11C Mail card.

or DISC slot - Disable 11C MGate cards
or DISL loop - Disable Option 51-81C loop(s) used for Mail
ENLC or ENLL xx - Enable Mail card or loop(s)

Meridian Mail: System Status and Maintenance / Card Status

Enable Digital Voice Cards (11C) or Voice Processor Cards (51-81C) or PBX: Reset the switch

Break into a Mailbox: Mailbox's Class of Service= Auto-Logon. For remote access, add their DN to your set.

Change Mailbox Password: Using the Admin. Terminal, go to the User's screen and press F9.

Monitor for Hackers: You can monitor selected mailboxes during a specified time for unsuccessful login attempts using invalid passwords.


Backup Voice Mail:

  1. At Main Menu select: (2) General Administration, then (2) Volume and Selective Backup
  2. Select VSI and VS2 by positioning the cursor on the line and pressing <spacebar>
  3. Select Voice and Data for all the volumes.
  4. Select Backup to tape / Immediate Backup / OK To Start Backup.

Restore Voice Mail: To Restore Meridian Mail use the System tape and Backup tape.

Bulk Provisioning: Enables you to transfer data between Meridian Mail systems:

  1. Data set Maintenance: Select specific services and VSDNs or select ALL.
  2. Copy data to tape - <spacebar> and <start>
  3. At another MM, Load Provision from tape: Select specific services/VSDNs or select ALL.

System Event and Error Reports (SEER) messages:

Are printed to the Console if no port is specified in General administration.

Print system errors and messages (SEER) to Voice Mail printer:

  1. Logon to the Meridian Voice Mail, and select the following menu options:
    (5) System Status and Maintenance / (7) System Event and Error Reports / (2) SEER Configuration.
  2. At the Printer setting, select Enabled (use the spacebar to toggle the selection).
  3. Save and Exit.

Slow Voice Mail or Message Waiting Indication (MWI):

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