Mike's PBX Cookbook

PuTTY and Meridian Mail

PuTTY can be configured to work with Meridian Mail with couple of small configuration changes:

Download the latest version of PuTTY.

1Click on: Session
- Click on: Connection Type: Serial
- Enter: COM[port-number] in the line box.

You must know your COM port, and speed settings.
The default is 9600/8/N/1, if you need to change it,
click on Serial in the bottom left menu tree.

2Click on: Terminal - Keyboard
- Click box: Select Function Keys: VT100+

Note: if you are already connected, right-click the
menu bar and select Change Settings...

3Click on: Window - Translation
- Select: Remote Character Set: DEC-MCS
Using these settings, the interface displays correctly.
- Softkeys 1 - 4 are Function Keys F1 to F4
- Softkey 5 is Enter on the Numeric Keypad.
- Help is Del on the Numeric Keypad.

- the other Softkeys are shown below...

Meridian Mail Numeric Keypad Help:
Meridian Mail uses Application Keypad mode.
With a PC keyboard, PF1-PF4 are F1-F4.
The other number keys function as shown.
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