Mike's PBX Cookbook

Rebuild a corrupted OTM database

Here are the step by step instructions to rebuild a corrupted OTM database:

1 Open the Station Administration window.

That gets you a hard copy of the existing database so you can put back the location and department information for each extension later. (This information is unfortuneatly lost if you "Retrieve -> All" on the existing database).

2 In the OTM Navigator window, right click the existing system.

3 Right click on the existing site and select “Add System”.

4 When done, open the new system window.

5 Open CPND.

6 Select View -> Organizational Hierarchy.

7 Select the Organizations tab.

8 Select View -> CPND Name.

9 Open the Station Administration Window.

10 Close the window, and then delete the old system. At this point you should have a clean OTM database to work with.

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