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Superset 700 Console
SVGA Monitors in Black and White

Technical Service Bulletin

This Technical Service Bulletin is Intended for Customer Service and Installation personnel involved in the installation & maintenance of the Mitel SUPERSET 700 console This document is intended to inform all service personnel of the SVGA MONITOR which may boot in black and white.

1.0 General

The SUPERSET 700™ console is an attendant console for the SX-2000 PABX. THE SUPERSET 700 console interfaces to the system via a digital network interface circuit (DNIC). The console consists of a control unit , a color monitor and a keyboard with telephone handset.

Plug-and-play color monitors are appearing on the market which causes a problem with pin assignments of the connector, they are not compatible with industry standards. These DDC monitors send their timing parameters to the board which then uses the appropriate timing for each resolution. The DDC pins are PIN #12, PIN # 15 and PIN # 11.

Because of this, SUPERSET 700 monitors may boot up in black and white unless you use a MITEL qualified monitor (as indicated below) or purchase a IBM cable adapter which disconnects the DDC pins ( p/n 96G2693).

1 Red Video
2  Green Video
3  Blue Video
4  Not Used
5  Ground
6  Red Ground
7  Green Ground
8  Blue Ground
9  Not Used
10 Ground
11 Sense 0 (Monitor id bit 0)
12 Sense 1 (Monitor id bit 1)
13 Horizontal Sync
14 Vertical Sync
15 Not Used

The monitor part number is 700508010

The monitors that are MITEL qualified are listed under this part number and as follows:


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