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PhoneMaster 6 Install Guide

The following procedure describes how to install PhoneMaster 6.

Before you begin:

Note: The PBX serial TTY port requires only USER: SCH (Service Change), and MTC (Maintenance). All others (BUG, ERR, TRF, CTY etc.) should be removed, as they may cause problems with PhoneMaster (ELAN connection: CPSID1100 for SCH and MTC, see below).


  1. Run SETUP.EXE from the PM6 directory on the CD, or from the downloaded files package.
    This will install PhoneMaster in a directory of your choice, the default is C:\PhoneMaster6.

  2. Run PhoneMaster6.exe, either from the Start Menu, or from the directory chosen above.
    The default username is admin and the password is 0000.

  3. A message-box appears indicating that no sites currently exist. Click OK to close, and the Site window will open.
    Enter a name for the new site in the Name textbox on the top of the Site window.

  4. Click on the Keycode tab and enter the site specific 16-digit hexadecimal keycode in the 4 keycode textboxes.
Enter the 16-digit hexadecimal keycode
Enter the 16-digit hexadecimal keycode
  1. Click Save in the top right of the Site window. A dialog box confirming the Site ID and licensing is displayed.
    Click YES if this is correct. If it is incorrect, click NO and contact PhoneMaster support.


  1. Set the appropriate PBX Connection Mode and Comms Settings. If connecting via ethernet, see below.
    Select Direct for serial, and enter the Port and Baud Rate. Telnet is for connecting via a terminal server (MRV).
Serial Communications Settings
Serial Communications Settings
  1. In the Security tab, enter the PBX login name (if required) and password.

  2. When the parameters have been entered, click Save, and OK to close.

  3. The Site Name should appear on the Status Bar on the bottom of the PhoneMaster window.

  4. From the Connect menu, select Log In. This should establish a connection to the PBX, login, and confirm the Site ID. If everything is ok, the status bar will show the message "Site ID OK". If unsuccessful, re-check the Comms and Security tab settings (case sensitive).


  1. From the Administration menu, select Synchronise Databases.
    This option will download the customer database from the PBX and build the local PhoneMaster database.

  2. Click Select All at the bottom of the Synchronise Databases window, and click Download to the left of the Select All button.

  3. A Download Timing dialog box opens where the download can be scheduled. Select Download Now and click OK to begin.

    The time required for a full download varies with system size, connection speed, and software release. When the download is complete, the Synchronise Databases window will be restored. Click Close on the Menu bar. The PhoneMaster database should now be complete.

  4. To check that the number of telephones downloaded is as expected, from the Telephones menu, select the Administration option. Click on the Search button for the Quick Search function and check the set count returned on the Status bar at the bottom of the window.

  5. Use PhoneMaster's on-line Help facility to learn about the features and facilities provided by PhoneMaster. The on-line Help is context-sensitive and will display the relevant Help topic for any window when F1 is pressed or the Help button is clicked.

Ethernet (ELAN) as the connection method:

  1. Click on the Site ► Connection Mode tab, select Ethernet, and enter the Call Server IP in the IP Address box, port is 1100.
  2. Click on the Site ► Security tab, and enter the PBX System UserID and System Password (admin1/0000).
  3. Still on the Security tab, enter CPSID in the Advanced Security User Name box.
Enter the Call Server IP AddressEnter the PBX UserID and Password
Enter the Call Server IP AddressEnter the PBX UserID and Password
  1. Click Save, and click OK.
  2. From the Connect menu, select Log In, and make sure it connects. If not, check your settings.

Tech support:

Contact Phoneware for technical assistance: +353 404 68711 | email | website

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