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PhoneMaster Connect Info

Meridian Connection Information Necessary for PhoneMaster Installation.

  1. Meridian TTY speed.
  2. Meridian TTY Communication Settings.
  3. Meridian Password.
  4. Secure password for Authorisation Code programming if used.
  5. Meridian modem password and login sequence if access is via a secure modem.

    If customer has purchased PhoneMaster Voice Mail Administration the following is also needed

  6. Voice Mail Administration port speed. (N/A for Option 11)
  7. Voice Mail Comm Settings. (N/A for Option 11)
  8. Voice Mail Password.

Meridian programming of TTY port for use by PhoneMaster.

A) The preferred services on port should be USER = SCH and MTC.
B) If PhoneMaster is to be assigned a limited access password, the overlays required are:


Customer should be set to ALL and Host to YES.

Connection Methods from PhoneMaster PC to the Meridian.

A) Direct Connection:

B) Modem Connection:

C) Ethernet Connection:

D) Telnet Connection:

Connection Methods from PhoneMaster PC to Stand Alone Voice Mail.

Phoneware recommend that the administration port from the Voice Mail system on the large systems should be connected through an opto-coupler to an A/B box. The B connection of the A/B box should be used for PhoneMaster connection.

A) Direct Connection:

B) Modem Connection:

C) Telnet Connection:

If you intend to use ETHERNET (ELAN) as your connection method:

  1. Site Details. Enter the site Name System User ID (admin1) and System Password (0000).
    Login Name can also be entered, its the same as the User ID
  2. Click on the site -> Connection Mode tab, click Ethernet, put the CS core IP address in the IP Host address box, port is 1100 (513?).
  3. Click on the site -> Comments tab, and put CPSID1100 in the Advanced Security Username box (SCH and MTC).
  4. Save, and click OK
  5. From the main Connect menu, select Log In, and make sure it connects. If not, check your settings.

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