Mike's PBX Cookbook

Change User Information in CallBill

1. At the OTM terminal, switch to the Call Bill PC and select the Reports Module icon on the desktop.

2. Login as ADMIN, password ****.

3. Select “User Details” from top tool bar.

4. Select “Find” in User Details pop up window.

5. Select “extensions” or “user name” in Find User Search Filter.

6. Enter extension number.

7. Select “Search”, then “OK”.

8. In User Details Window, select “Edit”, and make desired changes, e.g. Name, department, etc., then select “OK”.

9. Select “close”.

10. Select “Exit” from top tool bar.

11. Confirm exit from Report Module.

End of Procedure.

If you require technical support, contact Phoneware's Technical Support Helpdesk:

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