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CallBill Cost Center Report Updating

When running the Duration Cost Totals by Cost Center report, occasionally telephone calls will be listed without an associated Cost Center. This can usually be attributed to users placing calls using their “rollover” numbers instead of the number assigned to their telephone, e.g., x2330 has a rollover number of x3330. The user would press the button with x3330 on it when placing the call and it will be recorded in Call Bill without the required accounting information. In other instances, it is possible that a new telephone number was entered into the CS1000E PBX without the Call Bill database being updated.

To update the Call Bill database to reflect the proper cost center for each telephone number, execute the following procedure:

1. In Call Bill Reports Module under Reports, select Detailed Reports/Call Details with Ext and run report for dates selected for Duration Cost Totals report.

2. Scroll through the report to identify numbers that do not have an entry in the Cost Center column.

3. Once the numbers have been identified, switch to the OTM terminal and access the Station Administration window to identify the telephone number user. Note the users name and department.

a. If the number without a Cost Center begins with the digit 3, it’s a rollover number. As in the above example for x3330, look for the user of x2330 to acquire user name and department (Substitute the digit 2 for the first 3 in the number).

b. For all other numbers, search through the Station Administration window to find the matching number, and note the name and department.

4. Switch back to the Call Bill Reports Module and select User Details from the tool bar at the top of the page.

5. In the pop-up window select New.

6. In the New User Details, enter Ext, First Name, Last Name, Department and Cost Center. If unsure of cost center, contact the operator with the telephone number and department for the proper cost center to enter.

7. Close window and re-run Duration Cost Center Report to ensure that all calls made have an associated cost center.

End of Procedure

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