Mike's PBX Cookbook

How to update CallBill rates

Open up the Record Processor and go to FILE – SITE
On the SITE screen click on the KEYCODE tab.
In the “Advanced Security Password” block enter SAXHAM
Close the Record Processor and reopen it for the change to take.

Add a new tariff

Go to FILE – TARIFFS and bring that screen up.
Right click anywhere on the Tariff (Call Type) screen
A menu will come up with NEW, RENAME, DELETE
Click on NEW and a new tariff will be created.
Right click on the new tariff, click on rename in the menu
And rename the new tariff to whatever you want.
Double left click on the new tariff and the tariff dialing code window will appear.
Enter in the dialing pattern for this new tariff.
When this is done click on the box Update tariff in site dialing plan
Another box will appear to update the tariff
Highlight your site and click on update then click on close

Add or change rate

In the Tariff (Call Type) highlight the newly created tariff
At the bottom screen (Tariff Calling Time Profiles) right click and click on New
Fill in the popup screen with the rates the when done click OK

Close the tariff screen and in the main record processor screen
FILE-SITE Dialing Plan
In the tariff window highlight the newly created tariff
From here you can edit or add new number prefixes.

End of Procedure

If you require technical support, contact Phoneware's Technical Support Helpdesk:

Telephone:+353 404 68711
USA/Canada:1-949 852 4410
Toll Free:1-800 660 9248
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