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CallBill3 DBA configuration

Use the following procedure to configure CallBill to transfer call records via IP.

Nortel Switch Programming

The DBA option has to be activated on the CS1000 switch. (Suc. 4.5 or greater)

1) LD 15:
Data Block = CDR

BDI  (YES) NO - Buffer Data Interface for CDR

2) LD 117:

ENL BUF CDR  - Enable buffering for CDR data
STAT BUF       - Display buffer info (data type,% full, not ready)

CallBill Record Processor Settings

Enter the following in the CallBill Site Window...

1.Retrieve Call Records: DBA Retrieval
2.IP Address:<Call Server IP>
3.FTP User Name: <PDT username>
4.FTP Password:<PDT password>
5.DBA File Name:Blank or dba.cdr

cb_dba.jpg (48983 bytes)

Troubleshooting Options:

1) Use the STAT BUF command in LD 117 to verify that the buffer contains some CDR data.

=> stat buf
Storage space is 8.6% fullNot Connected
=> ****

2) Use a windows "DOS prompt" to ensure that the FTP User Name/Password can connect to the IP address.

Connected to
220 Tornado-vxWorks FTP server ready

User ( pdt2
331 Password required 
Password: *******
230- User logged in

If you require technical support, contact Phoneware's Technical Support Helpdesk:

Telephone:+353 404 68711
USA/Canada:1-949 852 4410
Toll Free:1-800 660 9248
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