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BIX Loop Block

You can only (reliably) terminate one wire in a BIX insulation displacement (IDC) punch-down block, but you may sometimes need to bridge or parallel more jumpers (eg, Algo Auxbox's). One way is to build a "Loop Block" (also known as the "loopy, loopy thing").

BIX Loop Block
BIX Loop Block

BIX No-Cut

The image shows (3x) 4 pairs in parallel (bridged) by 3 wire loops.

Note: The loops are at the "rear", the cross-connects are at the "front", as normal.

To construct a loop-block, use some jumper wire and a spare BIX block:

  1. Punch the first pair with the BIX tool in the CUT position.

  2. Rotate the BIX tools "Select button" to the NO-CUT position.

  3. Loop the jumper wire into the next pair, and punch without cutting.

  4. Continue to loop and punch as required, without cutting.

  5. For the last pair, return the "Select button" to the CUT position to punch.
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