Mike's PBX Cookbook

Encrypt a folder

To encrypt files within a folder, with no additional software, follow this procedure:

1 Open Disk Utility, and from the File menu, choose "New Image > Image from Folder"

Image from Folder

2 Choose a source folder, containing the files to encrypt, then enter a name to "Save As".
Select Encryption: 256-bit AES encryption, and Format: read/write.

256-bit AES encryption

3 Enter a password for the image (DMG) file.
This password is used to encrypt the files and password protect the image.

password for the image

4 The disk image is created, and a DMG file appears on the desktop.
When complete, the original source folder can (optionally) be deleted.

A disk image is created

5 Double click the DMG file to mount the disk image, enter the password when prompted.
Ensure that "Remember password in my keychain" is NOT checked for maximum security(!).

Enter a password to access

When the encrypted DMG image is mounted, it will behave just like any other drive - except it's encrypted! Any files that are drag-dropped onto the mounted disk will be automagically encrypted and added to the image. Drag to the trash, or right-click and select 'eject' to un-mount it.


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