Mike's PBX Cookbook

DP Software Installation

Installing Datapulse Intuition 1000 onto Windows 7 PC

IMPORTANT!  Make sure the COMPUTER NAME and NETWORK are set before beginning!
  1. Locate the folder with the Datapulse software in it, open the folder, double click on the 'Install' folder.
  2. Double click on the setup.exe file, this opens the 'Intuition 1000 - InstallShield Wizard'

  3. Select 'Next' to continue, select the radio button next to 'I accept the terms...' and click 'Next'

  4. Select 'Custom' and click 'Next'

  5. Confirm all check boxes are selected for the components, click 'Next'

  6. The default destination folder will be correct, click 'Next'

  7. Click 'Next' to continue

  8. The installation starts...

  9. ...and takes approximately five minutes

  10. Click the 'Finish' button to close the window

  11. The Intuition 1000 Switchboard configuration now loads, you may complete the Configuration Wizard now or later.
  12. Alternatively, continue with SQL Server Management Studio installation
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