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SIP Trunk Config

The following describes the IP Office configuration required to route calls to a CS1K (with NRS) via SIP. This example was built between a CS1K 5.5 and IP Office 8.1, and functions well. The configuration is fairly standard, and should work for other releases.

IP Office SIP Trunk to CS1K

The following key settings are used in this example:

In the CS1K NRS, the IP Office is added as a "Static SIP Endpoint", with "Name: Mikes_PBX", and "IP address:".
CS1K NRS Routing entries must be added to route CS1K calls to the IP Office, and this is not covered here.

You can also download this configuration , and edit the IP addresses and domain names (within Manager) for your application.

The IP Office network must be reachable from the CS1K TLAN, and visa-versa. Confirm this with some Ping tests.

Click the links with to display the relevant screen shot.

System Settings:


2System > System

3System > LAN1 > LAN Settings

4System > LAN1 > VoIP

5System > LAN2 > LAN Settings

6System > LAN2 > VoIP

7System > Telephony > Telephony

8System > CODECS

SIP Line Settings:

1LINE > SIP Line

Create a new SIP line...
Right-click LINE, select NEW, select SIP (eg, 17).

Then, click the new line, eg, 17, and....

Click on the new SIP line, and continue to configure it:

2SIP LINE > Transport

Note: in the CS1K NRS, the IP Office is a "Static SIP Endpoint".


Click ADD, and enter the following:


User Settings:

Optional steps, not conducive to SIP trunk programming!


What ever you enter under "No User" is applied to all users!
eg, Source Numbers, add Enable_OTT

Button Programming: (Optional) for example....

2HUNT Groups

Routing Settings:

1Short Codes

Add short codes for dialing patterns (access codes) as necessary in the format:

Note: Wildcard X (match one digit) goes in the Code, wildcard N (match any digits) goes in the Telephone Number.
Note: A semi-colon denotes "end-of-dialing" in the Code string.

2Incoming Call Route > Standard

3Incoming Call Route > Destinations

4IP Routes

And finally, when its all working, you can enjoy a cold one in the land of contentment!

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