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Endpoint Routing Entries

After creating an NRS Endpoint, continue with the following procedure to configure the routing entries.

The NRS will send calls matching digits in a Routing entry to that Gateway Endpoint. If multiple matches occur, the call is always sent to the lowest Route cost Endpoint, equivalent to Least Cost Routing. 99% of the time, calls are not routed properly because of errors or omissions in the NRS Routing Entries.

Configuring routing entries

  1. Log on to NRS Manager (default: admin/admin).
  2. Select the Configuration tab
  3. Click set Standby DB view to switch from active to standby database view (you can't edit the active database).
  4. Click Routing Entries.
  5. Type the relevant Gateway Endpoint OR
    Click the Look up link and perform a search. All configured endpoints appear.
  6. Click the endpoint to configure as a Routing Entry.
  7. Select a DN type (if required)...
    For UDP, select Private level 1 regional (UDP location code).
    For CDP, select Private level 0 regional (CDP steering code).
  8. Click Show.
    The Routing Entries page appears.

    This Routing Entries page shows CDP entries: 560 and 561. Thus, calls to 560X and 561X will be sent to this endpoint.

  9. Click Add to add a new Routing Entry.
    The Add Routing Entry page appears.

  10. Enter the DN prefix.
    This is the CDP DSC steering code.
  11. Enter the Route cost.
    The higher the number, the higher the cost. This is equivalent to Least Cost Routing.
  12. Click Save.

Now we have to commit the database changes, and make them active...

Updating the database

  1. Log on to NRS Manager (if not already).
  2. Click the Tools tab.
  3. Click the Database Actions tab.
    The Database Actions page appears, showing the Database State as Changed.
  4. From the Select database action menu, select Cut over & Commit.
  5. Click Submit.

The database is instantly committed, and there is practically no delay in implementing the changes.

Make some test calls, and determine if the changes work as expected.

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