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Creating NRS Endpoints

Calls between the CS1000 and BCM work thanks to the Network Routing Service (NRS), where both switches are defined as gateway endpoints. We will also need a Co-ordinated Dialing Plan (CDP), but the first step is to register the endpoints.

Configuring Gateway endpoints

Add an endpoint for the main Communication Server 1000 (CS 1000) and each Business Communications Manager (BCM) system on your (TLAN) network. All endpoints must register with the NRS before calls between enpoints will work.

  1. Log on to NRS Manager.
  2. Select the Configuration tab
  3. Click set Standby DB view to switch from active to standby database view.
  4. Click Gateway Endpoints.
  5. Click Add. The Add Gateway Endpoint page appears.

  1. Enter the appropriate values for your network.
  2. Click Save. The Gateway Endpoints window appears again with the new endpoints added.

Most fields are optional, however, be sure to include:

Checking the status of registered endpoints

Perform the following procedure to check the status of registered endpoints.

  1. Log on to NRS Manager.
  2. Click the Configuration tab.
  3. Select Service Domains.
  4. Ensure that Active DB View is selected.
  5. Click the number in the # of gateway endpoints column.
  6. Click Show. The Gateway Endpoints page appears.

In the image above, all four RAS H.323 endpoints are registered.

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