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EM Upgrade IP Phone FW

There are two ways to upgrade/update IP Phone Firmware:

1 Obtain the latest firmware .bin files, and the readme PDF file, which is useful to determine which file is for which phone type.

Software for Avaya IP Deskphones is available from https://support.avaya.com/downloads/. Select Downloads, and enter a product name, eg: 1100 Series IP Deskphones in the search box. From the Choose Release pull-down menu, select UNIStim 5.x. Sort results by Date.

2 Open the readme file, and scroll down to the Model/Software table. For example:

Phone-Type/Model vs Firmware/Software

3 Open Element Manager, and login.

Navigate to: System ► Software ► IP Phone Firmware

4 Click the radio button to select a phone type, and click Update....

IP Phone Firmware in Element Manager

5 Reference the table (step 2), and Browse... to the appropriate firmware .bin file for this phone-type. Click Upload.

Upload a new firmware file

6 When the file has uploaded, confirm the version and supported phones, then click Update to 'distribute' the file to the Signalling Servers. When the status is Completed, click Done.

Update a new firmware file Distribute to Signalling Servers

7 In the IP Phone Firmware screen confirm that the 'TPS Firmware' version is updated.

TPS firmware version

8 Go back to step 4, and repeat until all phone type firmwares have been updated.

9 Finally, power-cycle a phone to force it to download and update its firmware from the Signalling Server.

10 Miller time...

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